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Dear customers! Diflucan-fluconazole.net online pharmacy is glad to welcome you!

Now, there is no need to run around, looking for the right product in the city, defend lines, and pay an unjustifiably high price, because in the online pharmacy diflucan-fluconazole.net the cost is noticeably lower when compared with prices in other pharmacies in the city. The assortment of the Medtorg pharmacy is currently about 16,000 items, and this is only the beginning, because it is constantly being replenished.

We draw your attention to the fact that the pharmacy diflucan-fluconazole.net is fully responsible for quality control of goods. The medicines listed in our catalog have mandatory certification. The pharmacy operates on the basis of the License, which gives reason to engage in pharmaceutical activities, and this, in turn, proves the authenticity and quality of the goods supplied.

The online pharmacy diflucan-fluconazole.net provides timely delivery (dietary supplements, medical equipment and non-pharmaceutical products). Our qualified pharmacists will give a solid answer to all your wishes and questions, you just need to call.

If you have any wishes or questions related to the content of the site materials, the user should contact the site administration.

Dear Clients! Our company today is one of the successfully and dynamically developing pharmaceutical companies in the world market. Our story dates back to March 27, 1995. They trust us!

Our company supports the entire range of medicines, medical devices, parapharmaceuticals, sanitary hygiene, medical cosmetics and products for children, which have passed registration and quality certification at low prices. Our pharmacies are equipped with modern computer office equipment, equipped with the latest pharmacy equipment and security and fire alarms, discussed in our pharmacies, you will feel comfort and coziness.

Here you can always get professional advice from a qualified professional and consultant. For regular customers a loyalty card has been introduced, which makes it possible to receive discounts. Most of the success in the development of the company is made by our selected professional team, due to the competence and responsibility of which we do not stand still, but only move forward!

By visiting the company's pharmacies you save personal time and money on the purchase of the medicines you need!

Diflucan-fluconazole.net is an exclusive partner of Hartington Business, Sulfar, Pharmacure.

In many countries, charity is the norm. Many people consider it absolutely natural to devote part of their time, money or money to socially good deeds: to help those in need or to support promising projects.


Abroad, charity is popular among all segments of the population: among the poor, and among wealthy people, including the richest.

In 2010, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates took the Giving Pledge, the oath of gift, promising to donate at least 50% of his fortune to charity. They were followed by many other richest people on the planet (George Lucas, Mark Zuckerberg, David Rockefeller, Richard Branson), and by the summer of 2014, 107 billionaires and millionaires took the oath of gift. Of the Russian billionaires in this list, only Vladimir Potanin.

But, probably, the very first and simplest form of charity is to live every day as honestly and efficiently as possible, taking care of the people around you at work, both clients who come to the pharmacy and employees. To do well is the thing that you do. Of course he takes care of loved ones at home.

Here we are, the Aliyar company, pays great attention to charity, helping children with disabilities, and the Society of World War II Veterans, etc.

No matter how prosperous in the full sense of the word a children's institution may be, it can never replace a child with a family. Therefore, probably, in recent years, all over the world, as well as in Kazakhstan, family-type orphanages began to be created.

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