How to order?

You can make purchases in our pharmacies anytime, anywhere using a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. For your convenience, we have developed the possibility of booking and booking on our website The intuitive interface, accessibility and a complete database of drugs will make your purchases easy and enjoyable. You can pay and pick up the reserved order at any of our pharmacies of your choice or order courier delivery. When placing an order, you can take the advice of a specialist help desk or pharmacist.

Draw your attention to:

  • when ordering prescription drugs, a prescription is required;
  • registration and psychotropic drugs, as well as drugs with anabolic activity, are not accepted through the website for ordering.

How to find the necessary product on the site?

To select the necessary product, you can use the search at the top of the site. Just enter the name of the drug in the search bar.

After entering a search query, you will see a pop-up menu with options for products. To view detailed information, click on the product you are interested in.

If in the pop-up menu under the search bar you did not see the drug you are looking for, click on the "FIND" button. You will see all the search results, where you can choose the right drug.

How to find instructions and learn more about the drug?

For more information about the drug, click on its name or image on the search results page.

The product page has detailed instructions for use, including indications, contraindications, methods of use and dosage.

How to add goods to the order (in the basket)?

Before proceeding with the ordering process, the necessary preparations must be added to the basket by pressing the button "TO CART" or "ADD TO CART".

When sending each new product to the basket, the total number of products and the amount in the basket are instantly updated.

You can add goods to the basket from any page of the site where product offers are presented.


How to go to the basket for placing an order?

Option 1 - click on the "VIEW BASKET" button, which appears immediately after adding the product to the basket to the right of the search bar at the top of the site.

Option 2 - click on the "BASKET" icon with the specified amount of your purchase, which is located to the right of the search bar at the top of the site. Or, when you hover over the trash can icon, click on the "ORDER ORDER" button.

How to place an order?

The basket contains a list of drugs that can be edited - change the number of packages, delete and add related products.

After checking the availability of all the necessary items for the order in the basket, click on the "ORDER ORDER" button and go to the choice of a pharmacy item from which it is convenient for you to pick up the order or in which most of the goods are available from the order.

Note: If the order contains prescription drugs (you can check the need for a prescription in the instructions on the product page), then upon receipt of the order you will be required to present a prescription, and if it is not available, refuse to issue the order.

Choosing a pharmacy for pickup

Choose a pharmacy from which it will be convenient for you to pick up the order. Please note that the price is indicated only for those goods that are currently available in this pharmacy. You can order drugs that are not available when talking to an operator who will contact you after completing all steps of the order.

Fill in the contact information

Indicate Name, Surname, email and mobile phone (use only numbers).

Notifications about the status of the order will come to the mail, and the operator will call the phone to confirm the order.

After entering all the data, click on the "CONFIRM" button.

Your order has been successfully placed

Wait for the operator to confirm the order.


To check order status You need to fill Transaction Sum as it appears in your statement & last 4 digits of credit card number.

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