A comfortable and healthy state of the body is extremely important for normal well-being and life. The discomfort caused by a deterioration in health immediately affects our mood and performance. There is no doubt that health plays the most important role in our well-being. Aching, pulling pains, constant discomfort can nullify all efforts at work, spoil the mood and disappoint in life. Let’s talk today about the podology and problems of our feet.

So, podology is a branch of medical science that studies and deals with the treatment and prevention of diseases and pathological conditions of the feet. You can learn more about this area of ​​medicine here . We will consider it superficially.

The problems of our feet become immediately visible, because this part of the legs is constantly in motion. Even small changes that bring pain, irritation or discomfort are immediately felt by a person. Of course, they must be addressed immediately, since many problems can develop into more serious ones.

The doctor podologist should be consulted for any problem and negative sensations of the feet, however, the doctor of this specialization identifies and deals with the treatment of the following pathological conditions and diseases:

  • Corns and corns of the feet, coarsened and painful;
  • The condition of the ingrown nail, its correction and prosthetics;
  • Deformations and lesions of the nails;
  • Fungal diseases of the skin of the feet and nails;
  • Warts and other formations;
  • Metabolic disorders caused by various diseases – for example, diabetic foot pi diabetes mellitus;
  • Heel spur;
  • Arthrosis and arthritis of the joints of the feet;
  • Fasciitis;
  • Thickening of the skin of the feet;
  • Deformations of the toes of various etiologies.

Of course, it is difficult to get rid of some diseases and conditions that have developed over the years, but the doctor-podologist will at least be able to relieve his patients of pain and discomfort that prevent them from fully enjoying life and making full use of the ability to move around.

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