When dermatitis occurs, the issue of hygiene is very important .

Following simple skin care rules can help you relieve or prevent dermatitis symptoms .

  1. Get rid of bad habits.
    For example, even if you do not smoke, but a smoker lives next to you , then you need to protect yourself from contact with smoke.
  2. Maintain humid air in the apartment.
    To do this, there is a special technique ( humidifiers) or improvised means (wet towel, water sprinkler ).
  3. Maintain cleanliness in the house.
    It is necessary to carry out wet cleaning in the house as often as possible , wipe the dust and wash the floors.
  4. Do not wear wool or fur clothing.
    Clothing material can cause dermatitis on the skin.
  5. keep plants and do not have animals in the house.
    With dermatitis , you should not start animals , be it a dog, cat, hamster or aquarium fish (with the exception of animals such as chinchillas, poodles, sphinxes, turtles and hairless guinea pigs). Plants can also be the cause of dermatitis.
  6. Choose bedding made from natural fabrics .
    Linen should be cotton or linen. Try to change your underwear as often as possible so that harmful microparticles do not accumulate .
  7. Take a bath with the addition of sea salt or herbal infusions of calendula, nettle, chamomile , etc. No more than 1-2 times a week.
  8. While taking water procedures, do not rub the skin with a washcloth. Use natural products. 
  9. After taking a shower, moisturize the skin with a nourishing cream with a natural composition.
  10. Try not to rub your skin after bathing, but lightly blot your skin with a towel.
  11. Lead a healthy lifestyle.
    Follow the regime , eat healthy food, move more, sleep 8-9 hours a day.
  12. Monitor your mental state.
    Avoid worries and stress . Get outdoors more. It is necessary to walk for 2-3 hours every day to maintain both mental and physical condition.
  13. After the appearance of positive results of treatment, do not stop taking the drugs prescribed by your doctor yourself.

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