Skin fungus is a type of skin disease. It is very common, accounting for half of all skin diseases. The skin fungus is not among the dangerous diseases, but people suffering from it experience a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. 

The appearance of the fungus becomes possible when it is affected by dermatophytes and saprophytic infections. At the same time, dermatophytes penetrate and grow in the skin, hair and nails. Skin fungus can occur in any area of ​​the trunk, limbs, head. If it is not treated on the scalp, it can result in hair loss. Therefore, early diagnosis of the disease when referring to a doctor, and its effective treatment are so important . 

Damaged skin becomes a very convenient environment for the defeat of its fungal infections. Getting on the surface of damaged skin, the fungus begins to invade its stratum corneum. The presence of injuries on the skin is a contributing factor. Infection can occur both through household items, and through clothing.

The fungus is by no means a harmless disease, as many are accustomed to consider. So in places where it penetrates the skin, it causes an inflammatory process. And with immunodeficiency, he can wear severe forms. Among the factors that provoke the appearance of fungal diseases, such as: disturbances in the endocrine system. This is possible with diabetes. The lack of vitamins in the body also leads to this. A provoking factor is dysbiosis. Immunodeficiency can trigger many diseases. Including fungus. Increased sweating is also among the adverse factors for skin fungus.

The fungus may show a rash that is red or brown. The area of ​​the skin that is affected by the fungus is clearly limited to a rash. The danger is that the rash present on the body can turn into vesicles filled with fluid. When peeling, small cracks form on the body. And the tissues that are located nearby become edematous. It is especially dangerous when the bacterial flora joins the fungus. In this case, pustules are formed – vesicles with purulent contents. Fungus of the legs, hands, feet is not uncommon. They may be affected by the head, there are fungal diseases of the ears.

For effective treatment of the fungus, timely diagnosis and early treatment of this disease is necessary.

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