Psoriasis is a chronic hereditary autoimmune skin disease. Normally, the process of skin renewal lasts about a month: the surface cells of the epidermis die off, peel off and are replaced by new ones generated by the deep layers of the dermis. With psoriasis, this process is accelerated several times and takes only 3-4 days.

Dead cells do not have time to fall off, accumulate and form a thick layer of epidermal cells. Keratinized cells give the affected areas a whitish color. The blood vessels do not have time to feed the thickened skin layer, they expand, their network develops. Patients suffer from unbearable itching in the affected areas of the skin. Often, the disease is accompanied by psoriatic arthritis, nail psoriasis, fungal and bacterial infections, and a deterioration in general health. It is not even worth mentioning the moral suffering of patients with psoriasis and psychological discomfort – this is obvious.

Medication for psoriasis consists in taking hormonal drugs, medicinal ointments, and traditional medicine. Hardware – in UV irradiation, PUVA therapy, and other techniques. But these methods do not give the desired duration of remission. In addition, the likelihood of side effects of such therapies is high.

Today, the most optimal solution is spa treatment, including the treatment of psoriasis in the Dead Sea , which uses natural remedies that exclude the manifestation of side effects. The Dead Sea is distinguished by a unique combination of natural components: climate, air, water, lack of flora and fauna, and geographical location. Since ancient times, it has been famous for its medicinal properties. In ancient manuscripts, there are references to miraculous healings in the waters of the Dead Sea from any skin diseases and severe chronic ailments. 

What is the uniqueness of the Dead Sea?

Located 420 m below ocean level, the Dead Sea area is characterized by an increased atmospheric pressure and, as a result, an increased oxygen content (by 6%) in the air. The greater thickness of the atmospheric layer, combined with the high saturation of the evaporating vapors, leads to the absorption of the harmful short-wave spectrum of UV radiation. Medium and long wavelengths of the spectrum pass unhindered through the atmospheric layer. It is precisely by means of medium waves (UV spectrum B) that psoriasis is treated in the Dead Sea , since they are the main active agent of phototherapy for psoriasis. 

In addition to the increased oxygen content, the air of the Dead Sea is rich in minerals. It contains the smallest crystals of iodine, bromine, magnesium, sodium salts, which have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body.

The Dead Sea is the saltiest in the world. Its water, in fact, is a solution of salts, as a result of which it is oversaturated with useful minerals. You can lie quietly on the surface of the sea. Sea baths have a healing effect on psoriasis, its severe forms, and incredible psoriatic arthritis!

The dry climate of the Dead Sea plays an equally therapeutic role. Precipitation is rare here. Temperature fluctuations throughout the year are very small. The absence of vegetation excludes the factor of allergization of the organism, which aggravates the course of the disease.

Specificity of treatment

Treatment at the Dead Sea gives a positive result in the following forms of psoriasis: plaque , inverse, teardrop, psoriasis of the palms and feet. The sunbathing regime in the resorts of Israel has specific features. Their optimal duration has been calculated – no more than 6 hours a day.

In addition, effective treatment of psoriasis in the Dead Sea with long-term, persistent remission requires a combination of UV irradiation with instrumental phototherapy and drug treatment. Sun exposure begins with a few minutes a day, gradually increasing its duration to 6 hours in two doses. The best time for sunbathing is morning and afternoon. Bathing is prohibited during the first days of treatment. It can worsen the condition of the skin. On the following days, sunbathing is taken after 20 minutes of bathing.  

The combination of natural phototherapy with modern hardware techniques and with the use of local therapy with special ointments developed here, from the natural resources of the Dead Sea, greatly enhances the effect of treatment, reduces the time spent in the hospital, and allows you to achieve a long stable remission.

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