To date, there is no cure for this unpleasant disease – psoriasis. But then the “magic” treatment of psoriasis drugs of incredible healing power are actively offered by various scammers and swindlers of all stripes. The action of such drugs is solely to suppress the immune system. People who decide on such a therapy, perhaps, get rid of flaws in the skin, but the positive effect is temporary at best, and then psoriasis recurs with triple strength.   

Psoriasis treatments

Neither self-medication nor trust in advertising for miracle cures is strongly recommended. Be sure that if a drug appears that can completely cure psoriasis, its developers will be awarded the Nobel Prize, and the whole world will know about it from the official news. But today there are effective methods of struggle that allow you to constantly keep psoriasis under control.

For a mild form of psoriasis, it is enough to use local external therapy aimed at eliminating itching, flaking of the skin and relieving inflammation. Such treatment is carried out with the help of ointments containing salicylic acid, tar, solid oil or medicinal creams with topical glucocorticosteroids .

It should be noted that the new hormonal drugs ( glucocorticosteroids ) do not have the same side effects as the first generation drugs. Many of them are prescribed even to infants. For the treatment of psoriasis, these drugs are used in especially severe cases, and always in combination with gentle systemic methods of exposure.  

Common means of systemic therapy (methotrexate, retinoids , etc.) are prescribed mainly during the progression of the disease. Currently, for the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis, agents are being developed that are obtained using biotechnological methods, the so-called genetically engineered biological drugs. They are at the stage of implementation into widespread practice.

Hardware treatment

One of the newer treatments for chronic skin diseases is cryotherapy. This is a method of physiotherapy, which was met with hope by doctors and has become one of the most effective ways to combat psoriatic pathologies. The effect is based on the law of physics: “At low temperatures, the body shrinks.” Under the influence of vapors of liquefied gas temperature 130 of C, psoriatic plaques were reduced in volume, just cut off at the base, the blood flow in the skin capillaries is reduced depriving food affected areas. In this case, the patient experiences sensations comparable to short-term contact with cold water, no more. 

Unfortunately, this method of treatment is not suitable for everyone. For patients with cardiovascular diseases or respiratory pathologies, drugs are prescribed as an effective treatment for psoriasis, taking into account concomitant diseases. Cryotherapy is contraindicated in such patients.  

Another of the new methods of treatment – PUVA-therapy or photochemotherapy – is a type of phototherapy, which is a combined effect on the skin of special drugs aimed at increasing the body’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays and UV radiation. Simply put, the patient takes the medicine internally or applies it to the skin, and after 1.5-2 hours “tans” under ultraviolet rays for several minutes. Reduction of psoriatic eruptions is observed in 70% of cases

Since most of the results of PUVA therapy are positive, we can talk about its effectiveness in combating the manifestations of psoriasis. For minors, pregnant women and for a number of patients with chronic diseases, PUVA therapy is categorically contraindicated.

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