Psoriasis of nails is not only an unpleasant, incurable disease, but also a significant problem of aesthetics for a sick person. As soon as psoriasis affects the nail plate, it begins to exfoliate, acquiring an unpleasant shade and texture. Very often, the disease proceeds with painful attacks, because the skin near the nail is affected by small erosions or is covered with cracks. If you do not pay enough attention to nail psoriasis, the treatment is inept, incorrect, artisanal, then you run the risk of losing your nails completely, since the nail plates will gradually peel off and fall off.  

How to treat nail psoriasis

No matter how psoriasis of nails manifests itself, it must be treated without fail. This is not just a problem with affected nails, but also a real threat to the entire body. When the nail is deformed and traumatized by disease, it becomes a target for infection and fungal diseases. Experts say that nail psoriasis, the treatment of which is started in a timely manner, will not cause so much inconvenience and suffering to an infected person, and the disease can be dealt with with minimal health risks.   

First of all, it is necessary to direct all efforts to eliminate external symptoms and strengthen the physical condition of the body. Although modern medicine is moving forward, today there are not very many essential drugs that could effectively treat nail psoriasis. There are few of them, but they are still there.

Often people start to self-medicate or share recommendations with each other, which leads to sad results. Now there are many competent specialists who will accurately help establish a diagnosis and choose the right technique according to your constitution.

Traditional and folk methods

To achieve a successful result and stable remission, it is necessary to skillfully combine traditional and folk remedies in the fight against nail psoriasis. It is necessary to use preparations with a high content of calcium, silicon, selenium and zinc, which contribute to the formation of bone tissue, in particular the nail plate. If the disease is mild, no special treatment is required. In this case, medical and cosmetic varnishes will help, which slow down the damage to the nails. If the toenails are damaged, it is necessary to abandon narrow models of shoes, and instead purchase a spacious and comfortable one.

Like any other disease, nail psoriasis, which should be treated under the guidance of an experienced dermatologist, cannot do without prescribing vitamin complexes containing a large amount of elements of group B, C, E, D, P, etc. If an exacerbation of the disease occurs, taking vitamins must be temporarily abandoned.  

In case of serious damage to the nail plate, local treatment is used in the form of rubbing in various ointments, tinctures, emulsions, natural oils, etc. For the treatment of nails and periungual rollers, drugs containing calcipotriol , retinol acetate or fluorouracil solution are used . The duration of treatment can be from 2 to 6 months, and sometimes up to a year. Additionally, it is recommended to massage the soft tissues on the fingers around the nail. Such procedures must be done every day for three months.

Using folk and traditional remedies in the treatment and prevention, you can improve not only the condition of the nails, but also the skin around them. In folk medicine, decoctions of bay leaves and various medicinal preparations are widely used. The composition of such a collection may include a string, celandine, lingonberry leaves, St. John’s wort, calamus and elecampane root, chamomile and other useful herbs. Healing decoctions and infusions can not only be consumed inside, but also take medicinal baths with herbs. For example, baths with oatmeal or cornstarch are great for improving the condition of the nail plate.

Treatment of any form of nail psoriasis will be effective only when all the recommendations of the attending physician are followed, remember this and never deviate from the basic rules!

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