Although psoriasis is considered incurable, there are many ways and methods to treat psoriasis symptoms. For example, official drug therapy involves the use of different types of ointments and pharmacological preparations, formulations with hormones and antibiotics. People who do not want to “poison” their body with all kinds of pills and artificial hormonal ointments, resort to using natural remedies. The treatment of psoriasis with various medicinal herbs in the composition of compresses, medicinal tinctures and decoctions, ointments and creams is very common. In addition, very often in the treatment of psoriasis, birch or coal tar is the primary means of salvation from an aggravated disease.  

How does tar psoriasis treat?

In the search for remedies for psoriasis, many resort to the use of tar. There are two types of tar – coal tar and woody. Both types of natural natural products have found application in the treatment of various diseases, including psoriasis as one of the varieties of chronic skin diseases.

What effect will tar have on the body? Regular black tar will help the skin to heal and look healthy. Thanks to the use of tar in the composition of medicinal ointments, the swelling of the skin area affected by psoriasis will noticeably decrease and itching will gradually decrease. Tar psoriasis symptoms are treated for about 10 weeks. If you treat the inflamed areas of the skin with this amazing product for 10 weeks, then the skin condition will noticeably improve, the inflammation and dryness of the skin will disappear, psoriatic plaques will significantly decrease , the burning sensation will disappear and the itching will subside.

It is known that birch tar cures psoriasis . You can find it in the form of oil, in the composition of an ointment or cream, and even in the form of shampoo, which is very convenient if psoriatic plaques have affected the skin on the head.  

Other natural formulations for psoriasis

Of course, not only tar is used for non-traditional treatment of psoriasis. In addition to it, many other natural remedies show good results.

Firstly, these are essential oils that can be purchased at almost every pharmacy. Secondly, the collection of many dry herbs that have healing properties. For example, chamomile, string, celandine, walnut leaves and many, many others. Thirdly, pharmacological drugs, ointments or creams, in the manufacture of which only herbal ingredients of natural origin are used. All of the above products are sold in all pharmacies. If you could not find the medicine you need at the moment, the pharmacist will inform the supplier of the goods your request, and within a week you will receive what you were looking for.

In addition, today it has become very popular to treat various diseases, including skin diseases, with aromatherapy. Essential oils can be used as massage oil and applied to psoriasis affected areas of the skin, can be added to the bathroom. The following types of essential oils help to cope with the symptoms of psoriasis and speed up recovery: bergamot and geranium, cinnamon and nutmeg, ylang-ylang , ginger and jasmine, lavender and verbena, sandalwood, eucalyptus, sage, mint, chamomile and others. The action of natural medicinal preparations will have a beneficial effect on the skin, and indeed on the whole body. By the way, many essential oils have a calming effect.

Whatever remedy you use, always remember that there is no perfect cure. It is necessary to use several methods and methods of treatment in parallel. All together in a complex will give a good result and help to cope with psoriasis.

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