Psoriasis, a disease with such unpleasant external manifestations that it gives the patient not so much physical torment as terrible psychological discomfort. It is quite understandable that in order to get rid of repulsive psoriatic plaques as soon as possible, a person is ready to resort to any method of treatment. And although the traditional treatment, developed and prescribed by a professional doctor, will always remain the main course for combating psoriasis, patients with psoriasis turn to traditional medicine very often and, in most cases, in the first place.

Let’s take a closer look at how to get rid of psoriasis with the help of medicinal herbs, or at least just hide the skin defects that occur during the disease.

Herbal infusions and ointments

One of the ways to use medicinal herbs in the treatment of psoriasis is to prepare an infusion. As an example, we will give several recipes for preparing such a “home” medicine.

1. The herb is common turnip . We put one tablespoon of the herb we need in a thermos, fill it with a glass of water brought to a boil, and insist for three hours. We filter. The resulting infusion is taken before meals in a quarter of a glass.

2. Blackberry leaves. Put 5 teaspoons of leaves in a thermos and fill them with 2 glasses of hot water. We insist about 4 hours. We filter. Application: 30 minutes before meals, ½ cup.

3. Black elderberry flowers. We take a thermos or some other container, pour one tablespoon of leaves into it, pour ½ liter of boiling water. We insist for a couple of hours. We filter. Application: after meals for ½ cup.

Found their application in the fight against psoriasis and ointments, which include many medicinal herbs. Here are several options for making ointments that have shown excellent results in treating psoriasis symptoms:

1. It copes very well with the task of treating such diseases as psoriasis, celandine . It is used in different ways, for example, like this: grind dry celandine in a coffee grinder, mix it with lard. Apply the fatty ointment directly to the lesions. 

2. Honey and tar. You will need petroleum jelly (20 grams), birch tar (50 grams), boric acid (10 grams), honey (30 grams), fish oil (10 grams) and the protein of one chicken egg. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, use the resulting ointment once a day.

3. Combined hodgepodge. We need to stock up on burdock root, walnut leaf, oak bark, rose petals, calendula flowers, celandine, horsetail grass. Burdock root, walnut leaf, oak bark take one tablespoon, the rest is ½ tablespoon. Grind all herbs in a coffee grinder, pour in ½ liter of almond oil and keep for 15 minutes on low heat. We insist the resulting solution for 2-3 days in a warm place. We filter. We use the ointment daily. You need to store the medicinal herbal ointment only in the refrigerator.

Herbal compresses

Compresses are very often used in non-traditional treatment of psoriasis. Celandine , violet, currants and other medicinal plants are great for preparing compresses that are effective in their effect. 

1. We need: field horsetail, yarrow, celandine large, sweet clover, tricolor violet, and we also need calendula flowers, walnut and black currant leaves and burdock root. Grind all dry herbs in a coffee grinder. We take a thermos, pour one tablespoon of the collection, fill it with a glass of boiling water and insist for an hour. We filter.

2. Chamomile. We take chamomile flowers, fill them with boiling water, wrap the container with our solution and keep it for 30 minutes. We apply the steamed chamomile flowers to the area of ​​the skin affected by psoriasis. Cover the top with cotton wool, previously soaked in chamomile infusion. We fix the compress with cling film. These compresses are usually done at bedtime.

In the fight against psoriasis, regular home treatments and skin care are really helpful. Just do not forget that non-traditional treatment using medicinal herbs is just an accompanying course of the treatment prescribed by the doctor. As an independent therapy, traditional medicine methods do not need to be taken. And yet remember that at home they treat psoriasis with celandine and chamomile, walnut and black currant leaves, and many other medicinal herbs. Do not be lazy, spend half an hour preparing a decoction or a bath, so that you can then rejoice at the sight of healthy skin.  

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