People who are faced with a skin disease such as psoriasis undoubtedly want to be cured of it, and as soon as possible. There are many ways and means to help a person overcome psoriasis. Now we will tell you about one of the unusual, alternative methods of treating psoriatic disease. This method is based on the use of the miraculous properties of a special type of fish. Treatment of psoriasis with fish is a new word in modern medicine in the fight against a disease that brings a lot of physical suffering and moral discomfort to a person.  

The essence of the technique

The method of treating psoriasis using fish is called ichthyotherapy . The medical procedure is as follows. A patient with psoriasis is placed in a special pool with thermal water. The patient’s body, especially the affected areas of the skin, begin to bite painlessly by medicinal fish, “eating” from the skin surface keratinized and dead cells.

Thermal water is a special water containing mineral substances that have a beneficial effect on the skin. There are two types of doctor fish swimming in the pool. The first type of fish bites off dead areas of the skin (that is, psoriatic plaques). The second type of fish, biting the body, “processes” it with its saliva, that is, it sterilizes the skin, which leads to faster healing of skin areas affected by psoriasis. Miracle fish work not only on sore skin areas, but pay attention to the rest of the body. Consequently, there is not only the treatment of psoriasis with fish , but also, in a certain sense, a cosmetological procedure that improves the general condition of the skin. 

Let us now understand in a little more detail what happens to a person after diving into the pool. The beneficial effect of beneficial trace elements and minerals dissolved in thermal waters immediately begins on the skin. Psoriatic plaques and ulcers covering the body soften and open when exposed to water. Up to the point that the areas where there are lesions may begin to bleed a little. In some cases, pus may even come out of the wounds. But this is not scary and even useful. Further, the doctor fish begin to bite the skin, removing old, flaky skin from the skin, thereby clearing the places where a psoriatic ulcer or plaque is present . Some very sensitive patients feel discomfort during the first procedure of ichthyotherapy , but then they get used to it, they relax and the treatment of psoriasis becomes very pleasant, painless, relaxing for them.

Where to go for the procedure?

Many, probably, have now asked themselves the question of where to find such fish, and where, in fact, such procedures are carried out. Currently, in many resorts, in many specialized medical sanatoriums, this technique is provided. If you are planning to go on vacation, then ask if ichthyotherapy is included in the cost of staying at the resort and spa treatment for psoriasis. If you are not going to go anywhere, then you should check all the beauty salons in your city. In large cities, this health and beauty procedure can be found in many beauty salons, or in specialized medical centers.

Treatment of psoriasis with fish will allow not only to get rid of the symptoms of a chronic disease for a long time, but also contribute to the treatment of rheumatic, neurological and traumatic ailments, if you have any. 

Moreover, as a result of attending ichthyotherapy procedures, your psychological and physical condition will improve. The miracle fish treatment procedure is more like a cosmetic procedure than a medical one. Just imagine – you don’t have to smear with creams and ointments with an unpleasant odor, you don’t need to make painful injections, injections, etc., you don’t need to drink medications that are dangerous to your health! All treatment consists in pleasant and comfortable procedures, which are a pleasure to undergo!

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