Hand skin diseases are common. More often than others, there are diseases of the skin of the hands caused by fungal infections. In this case, damage to the upper layers of the skin develops. The danger with hand skin diseases is that of infection. Damaging the top layer, it can easily penetrate into the deeper layers, significantly complicating the treatment. Signs of fungal skin diseases include redness, itching, and inflammation. A timely visit to a dermatologist, diagnosis and treatment appointment will avoid serious problems with the disease.

In fact, the skin of the hands of each person is inhabited by certain mushrooms, so no specialist in the field of dermatology can guarantee that the hands are absolutely sterile. As long as the human body has the ability to withstand the spread of pathogens of skin diseases of the hands, the symptoms of the lesion do not appear. Nevertheless, under the condition of weakened immunity or some kind of concomitant diseases, bacteria begin to multiply rapidly, since the body’s immune forces do not have enough power to cope with a disease starting its development.  

The initial symptom of the development of diseases of the skin of the hands of fungal origin is scabies on the skin of the hands. This manifestation alone should force a person to take urgent measures until the disease has passed into the chronic stage. By the way, the transition of the disease from acute to chronic occurs very quickly.

To eliminate itching from the skin of the hands, it is useful to make baths with a decoction of a string, bitter wormwood or medicinal chamomile. To prepare such a bath, you need to take a tablespoon of grass, brew a glass of boiling water and let it brew for thirty minutes. A twenty-minute procedure is enough to get rid of scabies. After steaming your hands, wipe them dry and apply petroleum jelly on the skin.

The most common tea has a powerful effect in the fight against fungal diseases of the skin of the hands, since the acidic compounds that make up its structure destroy pathogenic bacteria, and the scabies on the hands go away.

If the disease of the skin of the hands of fungal origin has already entered into full force, then cracks may begin to form in the interdigital space. In this case, hand baths with essential oils and sea salt will be useful . All these tools perfectly kill pathogenic bacteria. In addition, after their application, a protective film forms on the skin of the hands, which protects against further deeper infection. 

If the infection affects the deeper layers of the skin, ulcers may appear on the hands. In this case, it is recommended to use ammonia dissolved in water for the treatment of ulcers. A quarter cup of ammonia must be taken into a glass of warm water. The bath is done for twenty minutes, then the hands are thoroughly wiped and greased with a greasy cream.

Running diseases of the skin of the hands require more thorough treatment. Most likely, antifungal ointments and creams will be prescribed. The composition of such funds includes powerful antibacterial components. However, self-medication in such a situation can lead to disastrous results.

In diseases of the skin of the hands, as is the case with any other disease, their prevention is extremely important. In order to prevent diseases of the skin of the hands, it is necessary to follow a few simple recommendations – always keep your hands clean and comply with hygiene rules.

If it happens that the disease of the skin of the hands is hereditary, you should not panic, as timely diagnosis and treatment started will prevent the development of complications.

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