The mucous membrane of the mouth refers to the very important barriers of the
human body to bacteria and pathogens. It is
very closely associated with all organs and systems of the body, takes an active
part in digestion, respiration, and speech. Diseases of the oral mucosa can
appear for several reasons. These include infections, including
fungal, various allergic reactions, diseases of other departments and systems of the
body, acute infectious diseases such as measles, flu, scarlet fever and
so on. Also, diseases of the oral mucosa very often arise against a
background of cardiovascular diseases, endocrine dysfunctions,
and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Diseases of the oral mucosa begin with aphthous
stomatitis. Immunological imbalance of the internal organs, which is
allergic in nature, characterized by endocrine dysfunction, stress, vitamin deficiency.
Symptoms are the appearance of ulcers on the mucous membrane of the mouth and genitals, eye
diseases. The treatment is carried out in-patient, comprehensively by a dermatologist, therapist
and neuropathologist. Remediation, that is, professional cleaning of the oral cavity by a
dentist, is mandatory.

Xerostomia is an increased dryness of the oral mucosa
due to reduced excretion of natural lubrication (saliva and mucus). Similar
disorders are observed in diseases such as diabetes mellitus, allergies and
some other pathologies. Symptoms are dry mucosa, the membrane is
atrophied, inflamed, there is a constant burning sensation in the mouth. Treatment is
based on the underlying disease, sanitation is performed and proper oral hygiene is needed

Lichen planus appears on the skin and mucous membranes. The disease is caused by disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Symptoms are the appearance of papules that form a network and plaques. Treatment is associated with the elimination of concomitant diseases, rehabilitation, and the necessary treatment at the dentist.  

Stomatitis is an inflammatory disease of the oral
mucosa. The reason can be any factor – dysbiosis, problems of
the gastrointestinal tract. Local treatment is carried out at the dentist, and general –
at the therapist. In this case, an examination for AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis is necessary.

Cheilitis is a disease of the lips that is inflammatory or
trophic in nature. It arises as a result of hormonal, viral effects,
that is, long exposure to ultraviolet light, a lack of vitamin B2, fungal
infections, thyroid dysfunction, and so on. Symptoms are expressed in
swelling of the lips, pain.

Diseases of the oral mucosa reflect the general condition of the
body, since the mucosa is associated with all its systems and organs.
Therefore, if there are signs of any disease, in addition to
going to the dentist, you must also undergo a full examination to identify the
focus of occurrence.

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