Hyperkeratosis is a condition in which the outer (horny) layer of the skin thickens. This can happen for completely different reasons, but most often it manifests itself in winter and in cold periods. People with already dry skin of their feet are especially prone to this. The skin of the legs itself is quite dry (much drier than the skin of the face, hands), and with insufficient air exchange (warm clothes in winter, socks and other attributes), dry skin only increases.

On the surface of the feet, the skin is very thick, and when it becomes very dry, aesthetic inconveniences begin to appear. More often they are peeling, hardness of the skin of the feet. Dead cells on the foot do not have time to peel off and formations are formed.
To prevent or correct such conditions, you must have in your everyday life, and if necessary use, special creams called keratolytics. Their composition is diverse, but there are common components, such as: salicylic acid, lactic acid, urea. These substances are widely used in dermatological practice. Most often they are combined with various moisturizers, or substances with a high content of bound moisture. These creams are used to eliminate dead cells from the surface of the skin. Caring for dry sensitive skin may also include the use of special baths for feet and scrubs.
Fungal diseases can also cause some dryness of the skin of the legs, therefore, at the first suspicion, we strongly recommend that you consult a dermatologist.

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