Stains on nails are not only a cosmetic defect, but also a signal of health troubles. How to decrypt this warning?

Problematic nails always speak of health troubles or neglect of him. Proof of this are leukonychia – spots on the nails. Most often, they appear in those who are on rigid and unbalanced diets.

Lack of vitamins and minerals can cause white spots or stripes to appear on the nail plates. They can have a different shape, orientation and size.

A role is played by a lack of zinc, a deficiency of calcium and iron. And about vitamins – especially A, E and C – and nothing to say. Their lack instantly affects the condition of the nails.

A lack of protein also causes changes in the nails. Paired transversely strips appear on them. These changes most often occur in chronic renal diseases that provoke excessive excretion of proteins from the body.

These diseases can lead to chronic renal failure, which also leaves its individual “brand” on the nails. It is called “half to half.” The changes are that the lower half of the nail becomes white, and the upper remains smooth and pink. Such a picture should make a person turn to a kidney specialist.

Sometimes the so-called Bo lines appear on the nails. These are the strangest changes. They can occur due to many reasons. But most often these lines are a sign of an unprofessionally done manicure. If a woman independently processes the cuticle,
presses the tool too much or pushes the skin too much, then the nail is injured. Transverse stripes appear on it, which are most densely located in the area of ​​the hole. Nothing can be done here, you just have to wait until the nail grows. And, of course, you need to carefully do yourself a manicure, and even better – trust the experienced hands of a professional.

But in fairness it must be said that Bo lines are not always the result of injury. They can also appear due to health problems. For example, severe fever can cause a stop in the growth of nails. Then, after some time, quite deep grooves will appear at their base. This is a confirmation of the health problems that were, but have already passed. In this case, you only need to wait for the nail to grow back. No master can polish Bo lines to the end.
These grooves are very pronounced: their depth can reach 1 mm.

Sometimes black spots appear on the nails. It can be both hemorrhage and increased pigmentation. Let’s start with the first – with hemorrhages. Most often, they are the result of bumps or bruises. But sometimes the reasons are not so obvious. For example, subungual hemorrhages can be one of the symptoms of a liver pathology. They can also serve as a symptom of endocarditis – inflammation of the inner lining of the heart. Therefore, if there were no injuries, and a bruise on the nail is present, you need to see a doctor.

Now let’s move on to hyperpigmentation of the nail. It is called melanonychia and is a kind of mole. But if this mole appeared suddenly, increases in size, comes out on the skin of the periungual roller, the first thing you should contact an oncologist.
The fact is that such a picture may be a consequence of the tumor process, which requires surgery. The main thing here is not to lose time and get advice from a competent specialist.

In conclusion, I want to say that spots on the nails can be a consequence of skin diseases. For example, psoriasis can occur with so-called oil stains. They have a yellow-brown color and are located closer to the edge of the nail. And fungal diseases claim white spots. First, these traces are small in size, and then grow, occupying the entire nail. It becomes cloudy, dull, thickened and exfoliating. In this case, only serious antifungal therapy prescribed by a qualified dermatologist can help.

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