We look with envy at the owners of beautiful legs, long and slender, with thin graceful ankles and gorgeous rounded knees. And at the same time it is not clear why we treat our legs with complete neglect, not noticing the flaws that are easy to fix.

It would seem so easy to take care of your feet daily! It is only necessary after washing to thoroughly dry the skin of the legs with a towel, especially between the fingers, and lubricate with a special foot cream or regular nourishing cream. Once or twice a week after softening the foot bath with a pumice or special manicure grater, scrape off the accumulation of scales on the soles. This way coarsening and peeling of the skin of the feet can be avoided.

If the feet sweat, they can not be ignored. Increased sweating loosens the skin, making it easily accessible to various microbes and fungi. When decomposed, sweat causes diaper rash and an unpleasant odor. Therefore, even with slight sweating, having washed your feet with soap, treat the skin of the soles and interdigital spaces with a drying powder. This is good to do in the morning.

Those whose feet sweat constantly, it is recommended to make a hot bath at night (for 8-10 minutes), adding to the water a decoction of oak bark or potassium permanganate, diluted to bright pink. The latter not only dries, but also perfectly removes the most persistent odors, although, unfortunately, it stains nails a little.

If the legs sweat very much, only home remedies can not do. In these cases, a specialist examination is required to eliminate the causes of sweating disorders and the appointment of treatment: general and local. Homeopaths believe that excessive sweating is associated with slagging of the body. Treatment with homeopathic remedies relieves sweating and its consequence is the smell.

Do not miss the fungal diseases of the feet! If you find that the skin of the feet is peeling, between the fingers are moist lesions, on the soles of the vesicles, itching, nail plates are clouded or thickened, start treatment with a dermatologist in a timely manner.

Often calluses appear on the feet, which in advanced cases cause pain. Regular home care with hot soapy soda baths, removal of keratinized skin, and the use of a corn patch will help you solve this problem. However, it is worth noting that at young and middle ages, more often than not classic corns, but calloused warts, which require treatment by a doctor, are more common. Unfortunately, we notice warts on the soles and toes only when pain impulses appear when walking. Removal of warts is carried out by various methods (cryotherapy, electrocoagulation). In some cases, experts additionally recommend drugs for internal use.

Cracks in the soles of the feet may indicate problems with the thyroid gland. Therefore, if the heels are cracked, it is worth consulting with homeopathic doctors and homotoxicologists, and not just with a dermatologist.

One of the most common problems is leg hair removal. Smooth legs without hair seem slimmer. It is best to choose bio-epilation, one of the methods for temporary hair removal with wax and resins. It is not as effective as electrolysis, but it helps to quickly and efficiently get rid of leg hair for a sufficiently long period.

But back to the problems that bother you every day.

You came from work. Unpleasant tiredness in the legs, a feeling of heaviness, numbness of the legs, and even pain. Are you looking for salvation in slippers or just stay barefoot. And here you are in danger: the foot, having lost the support of the arch, compresses the vessels even more, leg fatigue is slow. Over time, foot problems progress: corns, calluses, “bones” appear, fingers begin to “run over” each other and acquire a hammer-like shape. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to pick up shoes; for some reason , all of them become uncomfortable.

Such problems arise not only with age. Unfortunately,
foot changes can occur in both children and adolescents – this is a consequence of the progression of flat feet. If you start treating it in time, the changes in the feet are easily eliminated. And if you do not pay attention to flat feet, then swelling may appear in the ankles, the knee will become thicker, then the flabbiness of the hips will appear – and successful progression of cellulite is ensured. Due to circulatory disorders, a web of small superficial capillaries begins to appear, veins swell, and varicose veins develop.

The overwhelming majority of patients whom I referred to the orthopedic surgeon either did not know that their problem was easily fixed, or had already contacted the orthopedic surgeon at the place of residence and, unfortunately, received very superficial recommendations, the main point of which was: “I don’t have anything special with you I see. ” The attitude of the doctors of regional clinics to the problems of the feet is similar to the attitude to the same problem on the skin of a dermatologist and a cosmetologist-dermatologist. At the appointment with a dermatologist, there are severe patients with serious skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, etc., and it is difficult for him to switch to “small” complaints of age spots, acne, and unevenness on the skin. But for the patient – these are big problems, and they are perfectly solved by dermatocosmetologists.

Or another extreme: orthopedic surgeons who are complained of in advanced cases of flat feet, as a rule, immediately offer surgery. However, the surgical method is not suitable for everyone. In addition, without treatment of the cause and mild correction of the shape of the foot, after some time the problem will return again.

Orthopedic surgeons who work with cosmetologists will treat your problems with understanding. They will offer you a non-surgical correction of the foot, lower leg, and thigh, and they will recommend medical and home procedures to eliminate these defects.

Watching the medical process at the orthopedist’s appointment, I was pleasantly surprised that it was possible not only to stop the progression of the deformity of the foot, but also to return it to its original form. I shared this little “discovery” with my colleagues – dermatologists,
cosmetologists, therapists and pediatricians. Even the doctors did not know about the modern treatment options of the orthopedist. And our patients – even more so. And this is at a time when, without much effort, in a relatively short time (2-6 months), you can completely eliminate the not-so-far-gone foot changes (remove the “bones” of the thumbs, crossed fingers, restore the arch of the foot) or stop the far-reaching process relieving you of leg pain. By the way, leg pain, fatigue disappear immediately, already in the first week of treatment.

In order for each of us to be able to help ourselves and our loved ones on time without extending the treatment time, I will list the main signs of impaired foot function:
frequent tiredness in the legs or even pain,
corns, corns,
curvature of the toes, the
appearance of bones at the base of I and V toes,
even slight expansion of the foot,
swelling of the legs,
thickening in the ankle and (or) knee joint, the
appearance of friability, sagging of the hips, cellulite,
warts on the skin of the feet, the
appearance of a vascular pattern on the legs, varicose veins,
changes in the shape of the lower leg, and its thinning , curvature.

These problems need to be solved immediately, without starting up, because thanks to serious research, the method of non-surgical foot correction based on the latest achievements of domestic and foreign medical science has become available to doctors. And, perhaps, in the near future there will be a specialization of an orthopedic cosmetologist, and turning to him will become familiar and accessible to us.

According to the laws of reflexology, many important biologically active points are located on the skin of the foot and on the toes. That’s why the ancient physicians had the following opinion: if a man has an untidy big toe, and this is peeling around the nail, fissures, thick rough skin, redness – after 50 years he faces loneliness. And the truth is this: on the big toe of the right and left are biologically active points of the meridian of the liver and pancreas.
Changes on the skin in this area indicate a violation primarily of the biliary tract and pancreas and slagging of the liver. A so-called bile type of constitution is formed, which is accompanied by increased irritability, inanimity.

You see how much you can learn about a person by looking at only one finger. In the same way, on each finger, an experienced doctor can talk about other possible metabolic features and even offer an examination program.

But in some cases we can help ourselves. Pedicure exists not only for beautiful marigolds. If you clean the feet, toes of horny deposits, crusts with the help of bathtubs, pumice, pedicure, then from the released bioactive points the opposite positive effect on the corresponding organs is enhanced. You probably noticed how overall health improved after the pedicure procedure.

Paraffin therapy foot care is also a very effective procedure. Just one paraffin therapy procedure – and the skin soaked with vitamin cream and warmed with paraffin will become smooth, will get a healthy look, peeling and redness will disappear. Paraffin activates blood circulation, improves tissue respiration, the skin is released from toxic metabolic products, and fatigue and joint pain are relieved.

Some experienced massage therapists have a special therapeutic foot massage when each bone, all small muscles and interosseous joints are flexed. Due to this, the arch of the foot is leveled, the gait becomes confident and springy, and the foot is beautiful.

We all have many small flaws. But a woman needs to be able to take care of herself so that they will be inconspicuous for her well-groomed appearance and the abundance of virtues that are rich in each.

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