In the book Women and Beauty, its author, actress Sophia Loren, devoted a whole chapter to her feet. There are such revelations: “I adore when the soles are rubbed and massaged. This is a kind of erogenous zone for me. When I read or sit in front of the TV, I roll the rolling pin with my feet. It relieves tension … “Does massage really have such miraculous power? Why does a woman need beautiful toenails? These and other questions are answered by the pedicure master Irina PYKINA.

– Unfortunately, many women pay great attention to the face and hands, leaving their legs without proper attention. Is it correct?

“Absolutely wrong.” Many diseases arise precisely as a result of a lack of proper foot care. Therefore, we must take special care of them. If you do not provide proper care, wrinkles, cracks appear on the skin, fungal diseases that can be difficult to treat can occur.

– What could you advise?

– The first is to choose the right soap. After all, you can simultaneously wash and enrich the skin with various nutrients. Now the choice is enormous, so do not be lazy, show interest – study and take the choice seriously. So that there are no cracks on the heels, you need to regularly use a pumice stone, which must be changed every three months. Simple at first glance, but very effective procedures will help.

Boil potatoes in a peel until softened. Knead and hold the heels in a warm mass for 20–25 minutes. Then grease the feet with a fat cream. You can apply medical bile at night, and remove dead skin particles in the morning with a pumice stone. This procedure needs to be done within a week.

To make the heels heal faster,
try this recipe: drive an egg into a container. Add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vegetable oil and acetic acid. Shake well until the mixture thickens. Each time after washing the feet, rub the composition into the heels. Keep cooked mass in the refrigerator.

And if you have corns, then you need to rub vegetable oil after washing your legs at night. Better olive. After bathing, you can put bread crumbs dipped in vinegar on the corn. And when the corn dries up – clean it. But you can’t peel off the newly formed corns. There is a risk of infection.

– Is a permanent foot massage really necessary?

– The beneficial effects of massage on any part of the body are known to all. Moreover, it affects the legs. It supports the flexibility of the joints, helps to make the skin soft and supple, improves blood circulation in the skin layers,
enriches with oxygen and nutrients …

Doctors in the East recommend massaging the feet immediately upon awakening. It is useful to make such a device. Take an ordinary box. Fill it with small pebbles and walk in the morning (stepping from one foot to another), i.e. do a kind of gymnastics soles.

– No less important, probably, regularly take care of your nails?

– Nails can tell strangers very much. For example, psychologists argue that the shape of a woman’s nails can be used to judge her character, and her hands and feet as a whole and her attitude to herself and others.

In order for the toenails to be in order, you must always do a pedicure. It is desirable for the same master.

If the nails exfoliate for a long time and constantly,
then only a doctor can prescribe an adequate treatment. This is an internal disease that can be eliminated with medication. Sometimes stratification of nails provokes … varnish. In this case, you need to abandon it for a while. Nails need breathing. During this period, special nourishing creams-mixtures can be applied to the nails, for example: 1 hour. combine a tablespoon of any cream with 1 teaspoon of red ground pepper, add 10 drops of water. Keep such a composition for 10-15 minutes. It is good to lubricate the nail plate with lemon, make baths consisting of heated vegetable oil, lemon juice and a drop of iodine. They help restore the nail plate of the camomile bath. But you must remember that all these tips are very individual.

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