Any diseases cause general weakness of the body, decreased immunity. In addition, the sick person’s emotional state changes. It is difficult to enjoy life when there are problems with health. This is especially true for diseases that cause difficulties in communicating with others. Such diseases, of course, include psoriasis. It most often appears in completely inappropriate places – on the arms and legs, under the armpits, in the elbow or knee bends, and the head. Getting rid of the disease will not only improve the normal functioning of the body, but also improve the emotional state of a person.

Treatment for psoriasis should always be comprehensive. The doctor prescribes medications for internal use, injections and topical preparations for the patient. Physiotherapy procedures are an indispensable part of the treatment. In folk medicine, there are also a huge number of recipes for the treatment of psoriasis.

Another alternative treatment for psoriasis is invented by scientists and produced in the laboratory. It is known as Dorogov’s antiseptic-stimulant or simply ASD. With the help of ASD, psoriasis , eczema, dermatitis and many other skin diseases can be cured. Its medicinal qualities became known more than half a century ago, since the drug was discovered in 1947 by a group of scientists led by Dorogov . 

What is ASD?

In the fifties of the last century, the government of the Soviet Union instructed scientists to create a universal medicine for the treatment of almost all diseases. For this, groups of specialists were formed, who began to work on the task at hand. I was lucky to complete the task and find such a drug for Dorogov’s group . Toads were chosen as raw materials for the production. By treating them with high temperatures, scientists collected a specific condensate, which had high antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and other beneficial properties.

Another liquid treatment was used to increase the concentration of the drug. There are ASD preparations of the second and third fractions, which should not be confused with each other. After all, ASD 2 is taken only internally with strict adherence to the regimen, and ASD 3 can be used only for external use.

Since drugs of the ASD fraction can cure psoriasis , dermatoses, eczema and many other diseases, even oncology, many wanted to appropriate his discovery. Dorogov did not agree to the conditions that were set for him, and the production of the drug was suspended. Today it remains a mystery why such an effective drug was not legalized and not used in treatment. Although there are different opinions among people about the effectiveness of the ASD drug. 

Psoriasis treatment with ASD

ASD drugs can successfully treat skin diseases, including psoriasis. For the treatment of psoriasis, ASD preparations of the second and third fractions are used. The course of treatment should include the mandatory use of both drugs and strict adherence to the instructions for their use.

ASD 2 must be taken orally. To do this, in one hundred grams of water, you need to dilute one or two drops of ASD 2 and take a solution half an hour before meals. You need to take the medicine three times a day. The course of taking the drug for psoriasis becomes five days. After this period, you must take a break for three days. After the course of treatment, repeat again.

To facilitate the external manifestation of the disease and its treatment, it is necessary to make lotions from the ASD solution of the third fraction. When treated with ASD drugs, psoriasis begins to decrease in a short time. The solution is prepared in the ratio of one part of the drug to twenty parts of water. From this solution, it is necessary to make lotions until complete recovery.  

Psoriasis is a disease with repulsive symptoms. Sometimes official medicine is unable to prevent the development of the disease, then folk and non-traditional methods of treatment are used, one of which is the treatment with ASD. Many people, after using it, forget about the disease forever. Of course, there are times when the drug is not effective. Perhaps the cause of the disease is different, and you need to look for these reasons, eliminate them, and only after that you start an intensified fight against psoriasis.

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