Any disease not only brings a feeling of fatigue and weakness, but also morally oppresses a person. This feeling is especially true for patients with psoriasis. Since spots are formed on the body that do not look aesthetically pleasing, many patients begin to be ashamed of their body, becoming especially picky about their appearance. Yes, psoriasis can be cured. For example, with the help of folk remedies, you can significantly improve both the external and internal state of a person.

“Insidious” psoriasis

Usually, exacerbations of the disease are spontaneous. The extent of the extent of psoriasis skin lesions can differ significantly in the same person during remission and relapse. It happens that during remission, the affected areas are almost invisible, and when the period of exacerbation comes, the number of plaques increases dramatically. In most cases, psoriasis is inherited. Less commonly, you can get psoriasis due to the virus and strong nervous tension.

There are several forms of psoriasis. One of them is psoriasis spotty. This is the most common form of the disease. About eighty percent of the total number of psoriasis diseases are cases of spotted psoriasis. It is distinguished by the appearance of small pink or red spots covered with white scales. The spots get bigger over time. Spotted psoriasis often appears on the knees, neck, and on the head under the hair.

It is still impossible to completely cure this disease. Herbal treatment for psoriasis helps a little to extinguish the flame of the disease , and it is recommended to carry it out at any stage of the development of the disease. 

Herbal infusions, baths and fees for the treatment of psoriasis

Traditional medicine offers herbal treatment for psoriasis locally , using various ointments, lotions, compresses, herbal decoctions and baths with the addition of herbal infusions. Some herbal preparations must be taken orally.  

Wheatgrass baths. With a decoction of wheatgrass roots, you must take regular baths. Wheat grass roots need to be dried and chopped. A liter of crushed roots must be poured with six liters of boiling water and left for several hours. Then boil for another five minutes and strain the infusion into the bath. You should take a bath for at least fifteen minutes. After the bath, the patient usually feels a little better.

A decoction from a collection of herbs for internal use. To prepare the broth, take two tablespoons of elderflower flowers, elecampane root, corn stigmas, horsetail herb and lingonberry leaf. In addition, you should add a tablespoon of celandine and three tablespoons of a string, calamus and St. John’s wort. Pour all the herbs with 4 liters of boiling water, hold on the fire for 5-7 minutes and leave for about an hour. After the broth, strain and drink one hundred grams forty minutes after eating.

Collection of herbs for lotions. For external use, herbal treatment of psoriasis is used with lotions from the collection of herbs. A decoction of string, marsh calamus, burdock root and licorice root, as well as nettle leaves. All herbs must be taken in equal quantities. Pour boiling water over the mixture, at the rate of one glass of water per spoonful of the herbal mixture. The broth must be insisted for some time and can be used for lotions or simply lubricate sore spots.  

Sophora tincture. Eases the general condition with psoriasis and helps in the treatment of tincture of the Japanese plant – Sophora. To prepare it, you will need fifty grams of Sophora and half a liter of vodka. Pour the plant with vodka and put in a dark place for one month. After that, you need to take a teaspoon of tincture three times a day thirty minutes before meals. It is necessary to take the tincture for at least four months.

Patients with psoriasis need to follow a diet at all times. You can not eat fried food, a lot of flour and sweets. As far as possible, salt and spicy foods are excluded from the diet. To prevent the disease, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, amateur sports and dousing are mandatory. With the help of simple preventive measures, you can achieve good results and learn how to get along with psoriasis.

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