Unfortunately, now a rare woman does not face the problem of thrush. This fungal disease is accompanied by cheesy discharge and severe itching. The Candida fungus, which causes thrush, is always present in the body of not only women, but also men and even children, but it begins to multiply intensively, only if there is some malfunction in the human immune system.

There are a great many reasons for the onset of the disease – from uncomfortable or synthetic underwear to stress. You will have to deal with this individually with your attending physician (but more on that below).

This disease does not bring serious harm to health, but it sharply worsens the psychological state of the woman and the quality of life, so it is worth starting to fight it as soon as possible.

How to deal with this disease and how to prevent its appearance?

On these questions, the opinions of traditional and traditional medicine differ somewhat.

In the treatment of thrush with drugs, vaginal suppositories or tablets containing clotrimazole , miconazole or other antifungal agents are most often used . In difficult cases, such as chronic thrush or the ineffectiveness of suppositories and tablets, oral antifungal medications may be required.

Of course, drug treatment should be started after consulting your doctor. In parallel with symptomatic treatment, it is necessary to deal with the reason that caused such an unpleasant activity for a woman, a seemingly harmless fungus. Perhaps there are too many sweets in your diet, or the uncontrolled growth of the fungus is caused by taking antibiotics, hormonal drugs, or chronic stress.

The exclusion of all unfavorable factors will be the prevention of this disease.

Supporters of traditional medicine have their own recipes for combating this disease:

For prophylaxis and in parallel with treatment, it is advised to use tar soap for washing. It is also worth doing a comprehensive cleansing and healing of the body.

For the treatment of thrush with folk remedies, douching or tampons moistened with a decoction of medicinal plants are used.

Soda solution is most often used for douching, but this method is fraught with severe irritation of the vaginal mucosa. It is better to use a decoction of oak bark , calendula, sage, chamomile, carrot juice.

The method of treatment with tampons is also convenient. A tampon is made from a piece of cotton wool wrapped in a piece of bandage or gauze and tied with a thread. Tampons can be moistened with kefir or yogurt (this contributes to the formation of normal vaginal microflora). For antifungal effect, the tampon is moistened with a mixture of tea tree oils (2-3 drops) and calendula oil (1 tsp ).

But the most effective is an integrated approach to the treatment of this unpleasant disease with the methods of traditional and traditional medicine!

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