People with psoriasis are ready to resort to using any means in order to quickly get rid of an unpleasant-looking disease. Someone uses the latest hardware techniques and folk remedies, while others prefer ointments and medicated creams recommended by dermatologists. Unfortunately, it is impossible to recover from psoriasis – you can only hide its symptoms, which manifest themselves outwardly on the body of a repulsive type of psoriatic plaques. In addition, many pharmaceutical drugs cause side effects and reactions in patients. What to choose among all the variety of ointments and creams?

Now the drug psoriaten ointment is very popular , which is used for the external treatment of psoriasis. Let’s talk about the composition, properties and methods of using this tool in more detail. 

The main active ingredients of psoriaten

Psoriaten ointment is the development of one of the German companies. The active ingredient of the drug is a matrix tincture of magnolia holly (proportion 10%). The composition of the bark, root and other parts of this medicinal plant includes such chemical compounds as berberine, palmatine and berbamine , oxyacanthin and many others. It is these substances that play an important role in the fight against psoriasis. They stop any inflammatory processes in the tissues of the epidermis, that is, they inhibit the formation of psoriatic plaques. Also, the substances that make up psoriaten ointment presumably affect the DNA and can, in a sense, help reduce the risk of inherited psoriasis “harmful” genes.

Some statistics

Some time ago, much attention was paid to the study of the properties of the drug and the degree of its effect on people with psoriasis. Here are some data.

In clinical studies, about 1000 people took part in the age category from 6 to 80. The course of treatment with local therapy for them lasted about 12 weeks. Throughout this time, at regular intervals, scientists conducted control examinations of patients.

At the end of the scientific and laboratory work, it was found that in 80% of all patients with psoriasis who took part in this study, psoriatic ointment really worked positively. Almost all patients tolerated the use of the new drug normally and without consequences, that is, they did not have any side effects or complications.  

Only 11 out of 1000 people could not wait for the desired effect from the applied ointment. Only 3 out of 1000 people complained of itchy skin. But the most important thing is that many patients who have tried the effect of psoriaten ointment on themselves managed to return to normal life after the first course of treatment. Under the influence of the ointment, the skin was completely cleared of the manifestations of psoriasis, psoriatic plaques disappeared , and the psychological state of the patients changed for the better.

Unlike other drugs (ointments and creams) that fight psoriasis, psoriatic ointment can be used almost always and for everyone due to the absence of any side effect. During periods of seasonal exacerbation of the disease, psoriaten will need to be used regularly, every day applying it to areas of skin lesions. During periods of remission of psoriasis, the need for the use of the drug disappears. This ointment is good because you will see the effect of the application after 2 weeks, and after 8 you will no longer have any external symptoms of the disease. Moreover, the drug is allowed both for children from one year old and for adults.  

All those who suffer from psoriasis are well aware of how others perceive his appearance and with what fear they relate to him. Thanks to psoriaten ointment , psoriasis will be defeated, you will be able to feel more freely in any environment, when communicating with any people.

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