What happens and what does nail psoriasis look like. Why does the disease appear and what symptoms does it have at different stages of the course. How is nail psoriasis treated and what medications are prescribed to patients. A list of preventive measures that will relieve symptoms and help prolong remission.

Nail psoriasis is a chronic dermatological disease of the type that is difficult to treat. The second name is psoriatic onychodystrophy . The disease can affect only the nail plate or nails along with the skin of the hands and other areas of the skin. The second option is more common. The skin becomes inflamed and covered with a rash, and the nail plate is deformed and loses its strength.

Causes of Nail Psoriasis
The reasons are still not fully understood. Experts tend to believe that the main reason is malfunctions in the activity of the immune system and problems in metabolic processes. In psoriasis, there is a rapid division of skin cells and the development of a strong inflammatory reaction in the skin.

According to the second popular hypothesis, psoriasis is caused by hereditary factors. Every third patient has relatives suffering from this disease. Experts believe that there are certain genes that provoke abnormal cell division.

Pathology can overtake a person of any gender and age. The following factors can provoke it:

dry or cold climate;
severe stress, regular experiences, constant psychological stress;
neglected or untreated infection (usually bacterial);
inflammatory processes in the body;
trauma to the skin surface (mechanical or chemical);
a long course of potent medications (especially anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, beta-blockers);
weakened immune system (for example, due to poor nutrition);
bad habits like addiction to alcohol or cigarettes;
Also, the disease can provoke a sharp change in the climatic zone. Next – a photo of psoriasis of the nails on the hands, treatment and preventive measures.

Symptoms of Nail Psoriasis
The damage to the nails with psoriasis will be better demonstrated by the photo. However, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the symptoms.

Key manifestations by which the disease can be recognized:

small indentations resembling needle pricks;
the formation of yellowish marks under the nail plate;
exfoliation of the nail plate;
noticeable thickening of the nail and deformation of its contour;
small hemorrhages in the area of diseased nails.
If you do not pay attention to the symptoms in time and start the disease, complications are possible. Including infection with harmful bacteria and the development of a fungal infection. By the way, the network has a lot of photos on how to distinguish nail psoriasis or a fungus.

If you engage in treatment and properly care for your nails, it is possible to achieve a long-term remission.

Psoriasis of the nails on the hands
Psoriasis of the nails on the hands includes several subspecies:

Thimble . Or thimble syndrome. Small depressions and grooves are formed on the plate, due to which the surface of the nail resembles a thimble. This subtype of the disease is the most common.
Onycholysis . The nail plate gradually moves away from the nail bed at the free edge of the nail. The process is painless.
Paronychia is an inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail plate. The periungual ridges acquire a bright red hue, the skin becomes edematous.
Subungual hyperkeratosis. The plate becomes denser, layers are formed under the nail. The nail is severely crumbled, destroyed
Hemorrhages. Small hemorrhages are observed under the nail plate. This manifests itself in the form of dark brown spots or vertical stripes on the plate. This form of nail psoriasis photo will demonstrate better descriptions, especially on the hands.
The listed types of nail psoriasis can replace each other or be combined at the same time.

Psoriasis of the toenails
Toenail psoriasis has the same varieties as on the hands, the photo and description of the symptoms clearly demonstrate this.

For greater clarity, you can see the photo of psoriasis of the toenails.

Nail psoriasis treatment
With nail psoriasis, treatment should combine several directions at once. In therapy, there are not only medicines, but also cosmetics and psychotherapy.

Typically, patients are prescribed the following drugs:

Anti-inflammatory ointments and creams. Most often belong to the group of hormonal drugs ( glucocorticosteroids ). They fight inflammation and remove the main symptoms of the disease. Usually, with psoriasis of the nails, treatment with drugs of this type forms the basis of therapy. Especially at first.
Preparations with vitamin D3. For external application – gels, creams, ointments or capsules. Vitamin contributes to the normalization of the rate of division of skin cells and prevent psoriasis from progressing.
Systemic drugs. In the form of tablets or capsules. They are used in cases where local medicines do not help or when nail psoriasis is combined with joint damage.
Calming creams. Used additionally. Moisturize and soothe the skin.
How to treat nail psoriasis, only the doctor decides. It determines the type of disease, its degree of development, as well as the characteristics of the patient’s body.

Treatment of nail psoriasis with folk remedies
Home methods are practically ineffective. It is worth noting that most natural substances are strong allergens and irritants. They can make things worse. Therefore, before using any of the means, a consultation with a doctor is required. In the case of nail psoriasis, treatment reviews may contain recommendations for the use of certain folk methods. You should not completely rely on them, since each case is individual.

In matters of how to treat nail psoriasis, reviews are not the best way to find out reliable information. They can only serve as a guide.

Prevention of nail psoriasis
These rules must be observed throughout life. They will speed up recovery and help prolong the period of remission:

Treatment in a sanatorium. During an exacerbation or for the purpose of prevention. Mud baths and mineral waters strengthen the body and calm the nervous system.
Regular intake of vitamins. Especially in spring and autumn. It is better if they are prescribed by the attending physician.
Rejection of bad habits. Smoking, alcohol and nocturnal lifestyle are contraindicated.
No stress. Lack of sleep, overwork, conflicts – all this can provoke a rash.
Diet. It is also important to follow it constantly. It is worth giving up fatty and smoked foods, too spicy and salty, as well as foods and dishes with a high content of carbohydrates.
Compliance with medical prescriptions. In no case should you resort to self-medication. This will only make the situation worse. The forum and advice from the Internet can also harm the nail psoriasis, treatment should be determined strictly individually. It is important to regularly see a doctor and monitor the condition of the body.
Nail psoriasis is a serious disease. If you do not pay attention to it, severe and almost irreversible consequences are possible. For this reason, it is important to recognize specific symptoms early and make an appointment with a dermatologist right away.

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