A change in the color or shape of the nail can be an indicator of various pathologies or injuries. The cause may be a bacterial infection, dystrophy of the nails. A known and common cause of deformation and discoloration is a fungus. The color of the nail can change so radically that the nail takes on a green tint. What does such a clear sign of the disease indicate as the appearance of green spots on the nail plate, and how to get rid of it?

Pseudomonies, or green nail syndrome, are caused by two causes:

  1. Mold fungi caused infection

In the foci of damage, mold is formed from spores and has a greenish color. Most often it is concentrated in the places of deburring and contact of the skin with the nail plate. Mold spores can easily touch the nail plate and the skin around it. In a favorable environment, mold infection develops rapidly and spreads quite easily. Thanks to this ability, mold can “move” from one nail to another in a short time. So that mold spores do not settle on your nails, you must follow basic sanitary and hygienic rules. For example, take particular care of the skin around the nails, especially if there are cracks or burrs on it. Gloved home and garden work is important. Often, mold fungi, appearing on the nails with green spots, appear after a long period of application of false and other types of extended nails. If you cannot completely refuse this cosmetic procedure, take breaks at least sometimes. At the slightest suspicion of a pathological change in the nail plate, it is necessary to remove the artificial coating of the nails and consult a specialist – dermatologist.

  1. If the infection of the nail plate is caused by the bacterium pseudomonous onychia, from which the disease itself is called “pseudomonium”.

A favorable environment for the propagation of pseudomonous onychia is constantly moist places, such as showers, rugs, washcloths, etc. If contact with the skin occurs in such a favorable environment, the bacterium is easily transferred to it, especially if there is damage. Penetrating microcracks of a damaged nail, the bacterium develops, the damaged area acquires a greenish tint. Onycholysis is a pathological process of complete or partial exfoliation of the affected nail.

What favors the occurrence of green nail syndrome:

Abuse of nail extension procedure

Permanent contact with ground and detergents

Systematic traumatic effect on the nail plate

Permanent contact of the nail with a damp environment.

How to avoid the further spread of infection

To avoid the further development of a bacterial or fungal infection and the development of green nail syndrome, it is enough to follow simple hygiene rules. The first of them is known to everyone: in public places, especially those associated with water procedures, as well as at home and even at a party, you need to have your own slippers. Avoid walking barefoot in crowded places. A person suffering from a fungus on his feet himself needs to take precautions and not walk barefoot at home. It is also necessary to use personal hygiene items: scissors, nail files, towels. You can also protect your feet from infection with green nail syndrome by selecting comfortable, non-squeezing foot and non-soaring shoes. Adequate, gentle care for the nail and the skin around it is also a significant factor in protecting against bacterial or fungal attacks.

However, not everything does not always depend on a person’s personal efforts. You do not have a 100% guarantee that you will be able to avoid infection. If someone in the family is infected with a fungal or bacterial infection, such as green nail syndrome, if you use artificial nails for a long time; if you go to the common showers after playing sports, to the pool or sauna, then you are at risk. There are modern personal protective equipment: antifungal sprays, creams, aerosols. However, if you have been in the situation described above, you are still at risk. Carefully inspect the nails while leaving for the appearance of green spots: if any, immediately contact a specialist, otherwise you will be a source of infection for other people, and it will spread further on your body.

Do not forget that the use of alternative methods can sometimes even further damage the nail cause and lead to irreversible consequences. Do not use iodine, vinegar, which can lead to burns and permanent deformation of the nail without the prospect of recovery. Unfortunately, all these victims will not affect the disease itself – green nails. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of the appearance of the syndrome of green nails, deformations, stratification of the nails, certain rules must be strictly followed. Clean nails from any decorative coating, neutralize with a solution of any disinfectant, such as miramistin or chlorhexidine. Wet intensively and abundantly, several times a day. If there is inflammation, redness around the nail, natural antiseptic agents such as tea tree oil can be used.

Do not fully rely on such ambulance events. If there is no visible effect, do not continue self-medication! Do not expect green nail syndrome to disappear on its own. On the contrary, the infection threatens an even greater spread, up to damage to the joints of the fingers, which will significantly complicate and delay the treatment process. Therefore, remember how important it is to timely seek medical attention from a specialist.

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