A chronic and recurring form of dermatosis of an allergic nature, manifested on the skin by the appearance of a rash of various kinds, causing itching.
Causes of the appearance of coin-shaped eczema

Inhibition of the function of the cellular and humoral immunity determines this skin pathology. As a reaction of the immune system to the effects of any antigen, an inflammatory stain appears on the skin. An important role in the occurrence and development of this pathology is played by such factors:
• Diagnosed vegetovascular dystonia
• Hormonal imbalance • Disruptions
in the functions of the nervous system
• Pathologies of the digestive system
• Decrease in trophic features of tissues
• Disruptions in the general metabolic pattern
• Stress
• Serious nutritional deficiencies
• Contact with allergens such as chemicals.
According to the source of origin, eczema may be of microbial origin. It appears as a result of secondary microbial infection of existing skin lesions, such as trophic ulcers, burns and other wound defects. One type of microbial eczema is the so-called coin-shaped eczema. This type of dermatosis is caused by bacteria.
Symptoms of coin-like eczema

Causes of the occurrence and methods of treating coin-shaped eczema
Nummular, or so-called coin-like eczema, has a detailed examination of its own characteristics. Erosions have a rounded, clearly limited circle shape with a diameter of one and a half to three centimeters, sometimes larger (due to the shape of the rashes it is called coin-like). The color of the spots is cyanotic – red, and vesicles, small vesicles with a transparent yellowish liquid, are visible from above.
After some time, weeping erosive plaques remain in place of bursting bubbles. Subsequently, erosion is delayed and in their place flakes and crusts become visible. The most common location is the back of the palms, the bends of the arms and legs. Less common on other parts of the body.
A rapidly disappearing form of this type of eczema is called eczematide. Outwardly, they are very similar to ordinary coin-shaped eczema, but the foci are covered only with scales. Rashes are accompanied by severe itching and burning. When scraping in place of the flakes, point erosion with visible droplets of liquid is visible.

Diagnosis of the disease

Seborrheic eczema, plaque psoriasis, pink lichen have similarities with coin-shaped eczema. Therefore, difficulties with diagnostics can arise even for a specialist: a thorough examination through a magnifying glass is necessary, as well as identifying the causes when interviewing a patient. Circulatory disturbance that occurs with varicose veins, microtrauma, fungal lesions often precede this type of eczema. In particularly difficult cases, tissue histology may be required.
Therapy of coin-shaped eczema
The first condition for overcoming this skin pathology is the elimination of all possible causes predisposing its appearance. Such causes may be a malfunction of the nervous system, various microbial infections, a malfunction of the hormonal balance and digestive tract. To eliminate the causes, there are a number of physiotherapeutic procedures and all kinds of drugs.
So, to overcome neurotic disorders, antidepressants, sedatives and more powerful tranquilizers are used. To begin with, the expert will advise you to try more gentle folk methods: infusions of soothing plants, such as chamomile, lemon balm, valerian, motherwort and others.
Antimicrobials are administered intravenously and intramuscularly. Plaque eczema cannot be treated without the use of antiallergic drugs, such as diazolin, suprastin, etc.
If the digestive tract is suspected of causing eczema, then enzyme preparations and drugs to eliminate dysbiosis will come to the rescue. Among the physiotherapeutic procedures in the fight against this type of eczema are popular applications of paraffin, mud, ozone, acupuncture, ultra-wave therapy, ultraviolet rays.
It is also necessary to carefully monitor the sterility of the affected surface. Joining a secondary infection, viral or bacterial, very seriously delays the treatment of the disease.
Diet as an effective way to prevent and treat various skin pathologies.
In any of the manifestations of skin rashes, dieting is effective. It is recommended to avoid:
• Spicy seasonings and various spices
• Alcohol
• Pickles and marinades
• Citrus fruits
• Fish products
• Citrus fruits
• Red berries
• Eggs
• Nuts
• Products that contain dyes and preservatives.
It is recommended to eat dairy products, plant foods. All products are preferably prepared in a gentle way: cook or bake, but do not fry or smoke.
It is difficult to overestimate the need to observe personal hygiene rules, timely treatment of various skin pathologies, allergic skin manifestations. Try to avoid contact with household chemicals, do not abuse cosmetics, synthetic, as well as woolen fabrics.
Unfortunately, getting rid of coin-like eczema is forever unrealistic. Therapeutic measures are aimed at relieving acute symptoms such as burning and itching. Subject to the recommendations of a specialist, careful implementation of the recommendation, people manage to achieve a certain result in the treatment of coin-like eczema.
It is difficult to predict the nature and duration of remission due to the individual characteristics of the individual, as well as the adequate identification of the causes of eczema and carefully selected medications. For this reason, only an experienced specialist can engage in the diagnosis and selection of therapy.

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