If you become pregnant, but you have psoriasis, then several options for the behavior of your disease are possible:

  1. The disease will begin to develop more strongly.
  2. Psoriasis will remain unchanged, both good and bad.
  3. There will be a significant reduction in symptoms.
  4. Psoriasis will disappear completely.

The same options are possible after childbirth. Therefore, during and after pregnancy, the expectant mother should be very attentive to her health and the health of the unborn child.

Having become pregnant, every woman worries whether the disease will be transmitted to the child. It should be noted that the disease itself will not be transmitted to the baby, but there is a risk that the child will be predisposed to this disease. If one of the parents has psoriasis, then the risk is about 15%, and if both are sick, then the probability of transmitting the disease is close to 60%.

Psoriasis is not a contagious disease, so there is no need to be afraid that the child may become infected while breastfeeding.

It is worth giving up breastfeeding only if the mother takes potent drugs or ointments on large areas of the skin. Then the absorbed substances have a bad effect on the health of the child. Here, a woman can make a decision: stop treatment and continue breastfeeding her baby, or not stop treatment and transfer the baby to artificial feeding.

Psoriasis does not affect the conception and development of the fetus. However, drugs used to treat the expectant mother can lead to undesirable consequences. Therefore, during pregnancy , all medicines that can somehow harm the baby should be excluded.

It is necessary to visit a dermatologist and report the pregnancy. An experienced doctor will help you choose the safest methods of treatment.

relieve the symptoms of psoriasis (itching, redness, peeling, spots) in the following ways:

  1. Take soothing herbal teas (motherwort, oregano, chamomile, mint, thyme, valerian, linden, peony, etc.);
  2. Do yoga or meditation ;
  3. Arrange long walks;
  4. Go to psychotherapy sessions;
  5. Get more rest and sleep:
  6. Use lotions and creams based on natural ingredients, such as Losterin .
  7. Try to use decorative cosmetics.

After giving birth, do not stop using the above methods of dealing with the symptoms of psoriasis, but use them in conjunction with the prescribed therapy.

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