Often a person suffering from psoriatic skin rashes confuses this disease with a fungus. So, is psoriasis a fungus or not, and what are their differences?

Scientific studies of tissues affected by psoriasis clearly prove that this disease is not fungal. Psoriasis is a non-infectious skin disease, it is not contagious and occurs due to stress, chronic fatigue, genetic predisposition, and not at all due to exposure to bacteria and other microorganisms.

Nail psoriasis and fungus

Psoriasis is not a fungal disease, although the symptoms of damage to the nail plate are similar. The first sign of both diseases is changes in the nail, for example, expressed in the presence of whitish dots, which are replaced by depressions. When postponing a visit to a dermatologist, the symptoms of psoriasis worsen, when pressure is applied to the nail plate, pain appears, the plate is deformed, and reddish spots form under it. In the advanced stage, the nail begins to deform.

Some confuse psoriasis with a fungus also due to the fact that when the nail is damaged by the first disease, the second one often joins it. Therefore, it is important to consult a dermatologist immediately after detecting the initial symptoms. This doctor will be able to both distinguish nail psoriasis from nail fungus and prescribe the right treatment.

It is impossible to independently select drugs and methods for eliminating the symptoms of psoriasis. Pharmacology offers a variety of means, hormonal and not, external and internal. Preparations are selected based on the form of the disease, its severity and the physiological characteristics of the patient. It will not be possible to evaluate all these factors on your own; only a dermatologist can do this.

External and internal preparations for the treatment of psoriasis of the nail plate

After examination and diagnostic procedures, the dermatologist makes a diagnosis and prescribes treatment, which usually includes external and internal preparations. Means help to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, they are used in combination and course.

External remedies help relieve itching, irritation, and reduce visible symptoms. They are hormonal and non-hormonal. The choice of the type of remedy is made by a dermatologist. Under the supervision of the same doctor is undergoing treatment. In the process of carrying out procedures and taking drugs, it is possible to replace them with others. This is due to the effectiveness of the measures taken and the change in the course of the disease. Only a dermatologist has the right to prescribe the necessary drugs. Treatment can cause side effects, so you should not buy funds, guided by the advice of pharmacologists or acquaintances.

Preparations brand ” Losterin “

The products of this brand belong to the external non-hormonal. The line of products includes shampoos, gels, body and foot creams. These funds are prescribed by a dermatologist and help reduce the visible manifestations of psoriasis, itching, burning and pain. Losterin brand products are successful because of:

  • high efficiency and safety. This has been confirmed by numerous clinical trials. Means ” Losterin ” do not contain harmful substances and are certified. There are no dyes and fragrances in the products;
  • ease of use. The funds are allowed to be used daily, they do not cause addiction and withdrawal syndrome, they are easy to use, as they resemble conventional cosmetic preparations. Using the Losterin line , a person does not have to worry about leaving visible traces of ointments or creams on clothes or hands.

If a dermatologist has prescribed one of the Losterin products for you, you can order it through our website. We work in many cities of Russia, supplying original brand products to pharmacies.

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