According to the World Health Organization, herpes, one of the most common viral diseases, “sits” in almost every person.

By the age of 12, 90% of Russians are already infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1 (facial herpes). The infection sticks to the rest later, already in adulthood.

Microtraumas of the skin, mucous membranes, and conjunctiva of the eyes have been and remain the entry gates for infection. Having penetrated the nerve endings into the sympathetic ganglia (the oldest formations of the human nervous system), the virus settles there for life.

Lurking in nerve nodules, he patiently waits for his time and as soon as this hour strikes (hypothermia, stress, weakened immunity), extremely painful vesicles and sores appear on the skin.

But some people carry the virus in themselves for years and do not get sick, while others are regularly subjected to the strongest 2-3-week herpes attacks, when the temperature rises to almost 40 degrees, the lymph nodes increase and hurt.

Herpes can occur under the guise of a variety of diseases, such as cystitis or thrush. Traditional antibiotics and antifungal medications that are effective for these diseases are completely useless in the case of herpes. In combination with certain types of papillomoviruses, genital herpes becomes one of the factors in the occurrence of cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Herpes simplex virus type 1 causes a “fever” on the lips. It can also affect the eyes, larynx and pharynx (herpetic sore throat). The main target of the herpes simplex virus type 2 is the genitals. More recently, facial herpes and genital herpes affecting the genitourinary system lived on their own, but today, when the concept of oral sex is known to every schoolchild, the spheres of influence of viruses have mixed.

Cytomegaly disease, which weakens the immune system and leads to severe pathology of pregnancy and newborns, is also one of the forms of herpes. Zoster caught herpes can get one of two “pleasures”: children – chicken pox,
adults – herpes zoster.

The latter, in addition to the strongest skin rashes, gives a complication in the form of inflammation of the nerve node, in which the virus “slept” from the moment it entered the body in childhood. True, the skin will heal (if it is well treated – in two weeks, bad – in two months), but the pain can remain for many years.

Herpes, like HIV, suppresses cellular immunity, multiplying in white blood cells, white blood cells and lymphocytes. As soon as they stop working, the body’s defenses are weakened, the virus multiplies even more.

It is almost impossible to avoid infection with the herpes virus. After all, the owner of herpes can be infectious not only at those moments when the virus finds itself with rashes on the skin and mucous membranes. Sometimes the infection does not manifest itself at all, but the virus is nevertheless excreted with saliva, sperm, and cervical secretions.

If a woman with a “fever” on her lips cleans her face, then the virus from the lips can get into every pore
cleaned by the beautician. And herpes of the whole face will begin. It can cause severe pain along the branches of the trigeminal nerve – in the ear canal, in the jaw, pain syndrome like cervical radiculitis and angina pectoris.

Genital herpes can sometimes provoke terrible pain in the pelvic plexus in women and in the perineum in men. And when such manifestations are seen by doctors who do not know the characteristics of the virus, then they begin to treat not for it, and the story can be very delayed.

Modern methods of DNA diagnostics are able to detect virus particles and tell with high accuracy whether there is this “beast” in your body. But information about how active he is will not be given. For this, a special culture for the virus is done. Pregnant women or just planning to become mothers are recommended to do just such tests.

The scenario depends on how strong a person’s immune system is. If herpes worsens again and again,
it means that a serious breach has appeared in the body’s defense line.

So, the best, cheapest and most affordable way to strengthen the body is a healthy lifestyle. If the defenses are completely weakened, the doctor may recommend drugs that stimulate the production of their own interferon.

And most importantly, it is necessary to eliminate the cause that brought down the immune system. Exit, finally, from stress, relax, eat right. In short, take care of yourself.

Who needs to see a doctor
Those who have a fever on the lips or genitals regularly, more often 3-4 times a year;
parents with herpes, who have a small child in their family;
those who have had eye herpes at least once;
children with frequent fever on the lips, under the nose, in the nose;
genital herpes should be treated in any case, especially for women preparing for pregnancy.

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