We are often extremely inattentive to our own legs. But summer roads and swelling make you care for them regularly. Let’s start with simple gymnastics: legs up! Legs are great “workaholics.” They “work” every day, from morning to night, and at the same time carry the entire weight of the body. In return, they require basic attention: daily care and good shoes.

The measure of attention to the legs is directly proportional to overall well-being: all internal organs are projected onto the foot. Cardiovascular disease or kidney disease can cause regular leg swelling. Failure to pay attention to flat feet can lead to deformity of the fingers or to more serious complications. So make it a rule to follow Beauty Tips every night.


It is advisable to rub foot cream with simultaneous massage. Foot massage is a combination of stroking, rubbing and kneading movements. Start with your foot. Feet and lower legs massage, gradually rising up to the knee joint (3-4 times). Then massage each finger from the tip to the base, then stretch the entire foot. Finish the massage with stroking (3-4 times).


With excessive sweating of the legs, it is recommended to use talcum powder daily or do foot baths with the addition of boric acid or borax (1 teaspoon per basin). After such a procedure, it is very good to wipe the gaps between the fingers and sprinkle them with a powder consisting of a mixture of 6 teaspoons of borax, 6 teaspoons of talcum powder and 1 teaspoon of boric acid. Put on your socks at night. Do not wash your feet in the morning.
Oak bark bath (for sweating). Brew 1 tbsp. a spoonful of bark with a glass of boiling water, leave for 2-3 hours; add the infusion to the water prepared for the bath.


Strangely enough, fungal diseases occur in very clean people. Try to keep your feet dry at all times to avoid problems.
In the evenings, rinse your feet and wipe dry all the interdigital spaces.

If there are cracks, itching, redness, lubricate the skin between the fingers with green paint or Novikov liquid (glue), or just iodine (it is better to dilute the iodine solution in half with vodka). In more serious cases, use antifungal ointments – mycoseptin or Teymurov paste.


Gymnastics for the legs is very useful: walk on tiptoes, on the lateral surfaces of the feet, on a rubber mat or in massage slippers. On vacation, try to paddle your barefoot more on water and on pebbles.

Foot care prevents varicose veins. As a preventive measure, the exercise “bicycle” and walking with feet on the wall are effective.


A pedicure is not only a sure sign of true love for yourself, but also a pleasant excuse to bring your legs to life.
A professional procedure can be provided only by a beauty salon and pedicurist with experience. Look for your master in a salon with a good reputation, with disposable tools and sterile underwear. Any infection threatens with months of painful treatment. If you yourself have mastered the pedicure technique, do not forget:

pre-take a warm soapy foot bath;
sanitize tools;
cutting off nails, do not round their edges;
try not to hurt the delicate cuticles on the toes, the wounds are painful and take a long time to heal.

If you have been walking intensively all day or have stood a lot, do not go to bed until you have relieved fatigue from your legs with a cream, bath or massage.
Avoid uncomfortable tight shoes with high erratic heels. Do not spare money for expensive, comfortable shoes.
If you have problems with the foot – flat feet,
deformation of the fingers – buy shoes with arch support or insert them into new shoes.
Use a special foot cream regularly. Try to get one that contains extracts of horse chestnut, caffeine, horsetail, or other ingredients that improve blood and lymph circulation.
In the evening, lie on the floor for at least half an hour and lift your legs up or lean them against the wall.
Take a foot bath after exercise. If time permits, alternate hot and cold baths, normalizing (the temperature of hot water should be 40-50 °, cold – 20 °). While sitting on a chair, lower your legs first in a bowl of hot water, then with cold water and so on 8-10 times (legs should be three times longer in hot water than in cold). Finish the procedure in cold water. In a bowl of hot water, you can add an infusion of chamomile, linden blossom or nettle. After the bath, dry your feet well, then rub in the cream.

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