If you like to wear jeans, then you certainly need to read this information. No, the conversation will not be about the latest models – the conversation will be about skin dermatitis. If you do not pay attention to it in time, it can develop into an allergic reaction throughout the body. Then it will be much more difficult to be treated. And from poor-quality or contaminated tissue, even fungal diseases can occur. Of course, a lot depends on the reaction of your body and the sensitivity of the skin. But it’s better not to experiment with endurance.

No it’s not boring …

Dermatitis is considered to be a consequence of allergies. They are very common and have a tendency to increase, since allergic ailments have taken a leading position among other skin diseases today. The cause of allergies is the adaptation of the body to everything new. Just look at how many new cosmetics, clothes, fabrics we have now. And it is not at all necessary that in all this there is a causative agent of an allergy. The reason may be an individual NOT perception of the body. Unfortunately, there are no statistics to say exactly how many percent of the population are susceptible to allergic diseases. But there is a certain pattern – the more economically developed a country is, the more allergic diseases its inhabitants have. The reason lies precisely in the very adaptation of the organism to everything new, which I have already mentioned.

In general, with the exception of gold, any metals – chromium, nickel, and especially various alloys – can provoke contact dermatitis. Signs of dermatitis depend on the individual properties of the skin. As a rule, this is redness, swelling, a local feeling of heat, tingling, and if an infection gets into it – a pustular rash. Itching is an atypical syndrome of contact allergic dermatitis, it is more prone to burning. This disease is primarily affected by people with an innate tendency to allergic reactions: if both parents suffered from dermatitis,
70% of children also develop it. The risk group includes those who have a loosened nervous system, decreased adrenal and endocrine gland functions. The key role in whether you get allergic dermatitis or not is played by the state of the immune system. Although it happens that a person with poor heredity lives for a long time and feels great, and vice versa. It all depends on the attitude towards yourself and your weaknesses. His relapses of dermatitis are due to exposure to an allergen. Therefore, we must try to avoid various kinds of irritants. If the fastener on your favorite jeans, skirt, bathing suit, vest is nickel, it is better for women with sensitive skin to refuse them. Unfortunately, despite the variety of new fabrics and their availability, there is still a certain shortage of cotton, silk, leather and natural dyes.
All this forces manufacturers of clothes and accessories to go to tricks, using all kinds of artificial materials. For people exposed to skin contact dermatitis, such clothing is not suitable! Thin delicate skin does not like dresses, suits, leatherette shoes, with metal fasteners, rough seams, tight corsets, bandages, narrow-nosed boots, tight-collar blouses, knee-high socks with elastic bands, elastic sweatshirts bursting under the arms, albeit very fashionable.

The synthetics on the body are bad form. Wearing it for a healthy person is fraught with bad consequences. There are cases of allergic dermatitis from belts on the belt and watch metal straps on the hands.

Do not try to cure the disease yourself by swallowing suprastin and trying all the ointments available in the pharmacy.
Ask your doctor first and identify your allergen. This is important, first of all, because repeated contact with it can expand the circle of your allergization, and then simple, it would seem, dermatitis will turn into more unpleasant eczema. Complications in the form of a secondary infection are also possible: ulcers, boils, up to abscesses, open wounds. At home, the first painful reaction can be removed with cold lotions from chamomile broth and the use of antihistamines, such as ketotifen and fencarol. Although these procedures are temporary, not fundamental.

And besides the indispensable consultation of a doctor, I would recommend people suffering from skin dermatitis to change their lifestyle. Because if the skin gives alarming signals, then something is wrong with the body.

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