Allergy is a tricky thing, and manifests itself in a variety of ways. Someone’s eyes turn red and itch, someone sneezes or coughs. But the most unpleasant type of disease is allergic dermatitis. Despite the fact that this disease is non-infectious and is treated with conservative methods, it brings a lot of trouble to a person.

What does allergic dermatitis look like?

Often only an experienced doctor – an allergist or a dermatologist – can recognize the disease. This happens if dermatitis is caused by wearing inappropriate clothing (synthetics, wool), household features. But sometimes the patient himself can identify the symptoms of allergic dermatitis and consult a specialist for treatment. The disease is indicated by the appearance of severe itching and redness in a certain area of \u200b\u200bthe skin. Usually this is preceded by some kind of action: applying cosmetics to the skin, eating certain foods, taking medications.

What happens if dermatitis is left untreated?

Many, having read advice on the Internet and hoping that everything “will soon pass by itself”, are dragging out a visit to the doctor to the last. Their actions are reduced to taking an antihistamine, sometimes to minimizing contact with the allergen. Such an approach cannot be called reasonable. Without adequate treatment, rashes become more widespread and pronounced.

How to get rid of the disease?

You looked at dozens of photos, carefully read the symptoms, and after going to the doctor, you were finally convinced of the need to treat allergic dermatitis. As a rule, to get rid of the disease are prescribed:

  • vitamins – they are necessary to maintain immunity;
  • probiotics – to normalize the intestinal microflora;
  • antihistamines – to relieve allergy symptoms;
  • corticosteroid ointments and creams – to quickly eliminate the focus of inflammation;
  • special hygiene products designed for allergy sufferers.

If the dermatitis was caused by a food allergy, then medications will work great in combination with a diet that excludes foods that provoke the release of the hormone histamine into the bloodstream.

Maintenance therapy: features of choice

Creams, gels and shampoos for allergy sufferers should be used not only during an exacerbation, but also during remission – any competent specialist will tell you this. Quite often, allergists and dermatologists recommend Losterin preparations to their patients , which include body and foot creams, shampoo and shower gel. Means of the series have a pronounced antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing effect. The treatment of allergic dermatitis with this non-hormonal drug gives a good result in both adults and children – this is evidenced by numerous photos “before” and “after” the use of the line products.

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