It is in the autumn and winter that the toenails need special care, as we begin to wear closed and warm shoes, in which the feet sweat more, thereby creating favorable conditions for the development of onychomycosis. The fungus at the first stages begins to develop asymptomatically, after some time there are signs such as a change in the color of the surface of the nail, its thickening, deformation. You can avoid infection with a fungus, if you do not forget about fairly simple preventive measures. First of all, you can’t walk barefoot in places such as baths, pools, and more.

Most often it happens that while on a pleasant vacation in the sauna, or playing sports, people forget about the danger of contracting a fungal infection. Meanwhile, it is very easy to get infected if you walk barefoot in the shower, in the locker room of the gym or on the carpet in the hotel room. Any carpet is an ideal place for fungus, because the pile keeps the scales of the skin containing the infection well, and the most powerful vacuum cleaner is sometimes not able to remove the infection from the carpet. If you notice signs of a fungus, but take your time with the treatment, then the disease will quickly switch to other nails, and other people living with you in the same house may get sick.

How to treat fungus correctly?

Almost everyone, having discovered a nail fungus, tries to start treatment, because today everyone knows that fungal infections do not go away on their own. Over time, the nail suffers more and more, it begins to crumble, like an old sponge. Of course, bringing your nails to such a state is simply unacceptable, because the fungus will capture other nails and destroy them. Experts also warn that if you do not visit public pools or saunas, this does not mean that you are protected from this infection. With the widespread spread of the fungus, you can get infected in other places, for example, by visiting a pedicure salon, or simply trying on shoes in a store.

The fungus loves a warm environment with high humidity, and a long stay in uncomfortable narrow shoes contributes to the development of infection. This tribute to fashion turns into significant discomfort and creates favorable conditions for onychomycosis. If you work in the office, it is recommended to change into more comfortable shoes so that your legs can relax during the day. And try to avoid situations when you are invited to wear slippers. It is better to bring home shoes with you if you go to visit friends.

The best solution for treating fungus

Suppose that, nevertheless, despite the precautions, a fungus appeared on the nails. In this case, you should not panic, you just need to choose the appropriate treatment. Currently, doctors in such cases prescribe Mikozan, created in Holland. This is the best tool that surprisingly quickly and reliably destroys the fungus, and the disease does not recur. The peculiarity is that the serum penetrates the nail unhindered, and the infection cannot persist, then to begin to develop with renewed vigor. Numerous studies have confirmed the unique properties of Mikozan, an innovative composition can also be used to treat children. The course consists of four weeks, after which the nail grows, and it is absolutely healthy. Even if you become infected with onychomycosis, Mikozan can easily cope with this infection, and your nails will be beautiful again! In addition, the serum is recommended to be used as a prophylaxis, it is odorless and does not cause any inconvenience.  

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