Sweating legs is a fairly common and unpleasant symptom. To one degree or another, this applies to most people. But some suffer from excessive sweating of the legs, and in this case, careful foot care is required.

It is impossible to deprive attention of such a seemingly unimportant disease in any case, since sweating of the legs can lead to fungal diseases, writes Ladyhealth.com.ua. Then you will have to spend twice as much effort so that your legs regain health. 

To do this, today in the piggy bank of cosmetic medicine there are more than enough various means: baths, lotions, exercises, etc. We will offer some of them to you, and you, having tried them all, using it one at a time or in combination, will surely be able to get rid of unnecessary sweating feet.

Baths are prepared according to one technique: 1 tsp. the herbal mixture is poured with 1 glass of boiling water, infused for 20-30 minutes. After that, they are ready for use.

As a rule, mixtures of several herbs or other components are used for baths. Infusion for the bath can be prepared, for example, by mixing in equal proportions the crushed root of the coil, oak bark and St. John’s wort and pour the mixture with boiling water. Then this mixture should be boiled for 5 minutes and let it brew. When the infusion has cooled sufficiently, you need to lower your feet into it for 15-20 minutes, after which you should thoroughly wipe your feet and use a powder consisting of equal parts of urotropin and talc.

You can prepare a decoction for a bath of oak bark, nettle and sage. The method of preparing the infusion and application of the bath is already known to you.

But for the treatment of foot sweating, it is not necessary to use only plant components. Regular use of vinegar baths will significantly reduce sweating in the legs. For the preparation of the bath, dilute 3 tsp. vinegar in 1 liter of water and hold the feet in this solution for 5 minutes.

Do not ignore the contrast shower and bath with salt. These procedures have no less effect in the treatment of excessive sweating.

But, in addition to these methods of treatment, daily special foot care is needed.

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