Psoriasis is a chronic dermatosis, the manifestations of which are the result of disturbances in the functioning of the nervous, endocrine, autonomic, and immune systems of the body. Common symptoms of psoriasis are pink, round plaques with a scaly gray-white surface that appear primarily on the folds of the joints of the upper and lower extremities, on the body, and on the scalp.

Since scientists still do not thoroughly know what causes the disease, no means have been found for its complete cure. However, there are ways, proven by time and many years of experience, that help to reduce the symptoms of the disease to a minimum, which greatly facilitates the life of patients with psoriasis. With regard to such an issue as the treatment of psoriasis of the head , an integrated approach is used here, including drug therapy, physiotherapy, the use of local medicines, as well as improvised means such as shampoos, creams, medicinal ointments. Let’s take a look at some of them. 


“Friederm tar” is a medical dermatological shampoo, which contains coal tar. The action of the agent is based on its ability to exert a vasoconstrictor, antifungal and astringent effect on the scalp. The active substances contained in the shampoo significantly inhibit the proliferation of skin tissue cells, contribute to the removal of dead skin cells and excess fat from the skin surface.

Treatment of scalp psoriasis with Friderm Tar shampoo is recommended only as directed by a doctor. In addition, you cannot use the product more than twice a week, as this can cause excessive dryness of the skin. 

T / Gel shampoo from Neutrogena has a similar effect. It also contains tar, so this remedy is great for reducing the symptoms of scalp psoriasis, seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis.

“Tana tar” is a medical shampoo containing highly purified tar (birch), allantoin, provitamin B5, as well as a whole range of other biological additives that have beneficial properties for the skin. This remedy has proven itself as a non-drug treatment for ICH psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis.


“Squafan” – a cream mask contains compounds of purified ichthyol and salicylic acid, essential oil of red juniper, a complex of climbazole and miconazole. Eliminates peeling of the skin, helps to restore the normal balance of microflora of HFG, perfectly relieves itching and irritation of the surface layers of the skin.

“Node K” is a cream-emulsion, which is often used as a treatment for scalp psoriasis, accompanied by the formation of new plaques, severe itching and inflammation of the skin. The cream should be used only as directed by a doctor and strictly according to instructions.

Keratoregulating cream “Kertiol S”, thanks to its constituent keratiol, crotaimton, glycolic acid and glycerin, helps to eliminate local hyperkeratosis on the scalp, has an anti-inflammatory, soothing, cleansing, softening effect. It is used both as an independent treatment for psoriasis, and in combination with the main dermatological treatment.


Most often, salicylic 2 percent ointment is prescribed as an accompanying treatment for scalp psoriasis. This remedy is considered the most effective, since just a single application of the ointment can almost completely remove horny crusts from the surface of the skin of the HCG. With regular use of salicylic ointment, the symptoms of scalp psoriasis are minimized for a long time. The only drawback of this tool is the complexity of its use, namely, it can be very difficult to wash off the ointment from the skin and, especially, hair. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the ointment to the skin along the partings, in a thin layer and very carefully.

Ointment “Naftaderm” is a 10% liniment of Naftalan oil. It is used for psoriasis (including ICH psoriasis), eczema, seborrhea, neurodermatitis, pink lichen. Possesses unique anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antipruritic, wound healing properties. It is used as a medicinal product of exclusively external action and only as prescribed by a dermatologist.

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