Psoriasis is not so much a dangerous disease in terms of infection as unpleasant and unaesthetic. It is generally accepted that the disease is of a so-called psychosomatic nature, and the main role is assigned to autoimmune disorders in the human body, caused by a genetic predisposition to this disease.

Unfortunately, modern medicine does not have the means and methods for the complete cure of psoriasis. However, it is possible to reduce to a minimum the external symptoms of the disease and transfer it to the stage of remission for a long time by various medication and therapeutic methods, one of which is the treatment of psoriasis with homeopathy – a course of using drugs based on natural substances with a strong biological effect.  

The principle of homeopathy treatment

Treatment of psoriasis with homeopathic remedies refers to the so-called “natural” methods. When developing treatment tactics, a homeopathic doctor takes into account all the features of psoriasis, the reasons that provoked its occurrence, the nature of the course of the disease, symptoms, the frequency of exacerbations and extinctions. The complex of homeopathic medicines, as well as the duration of the main course of treatment, are prescribed individually for each patient, depending on the characteristics of his body.

During the treatment of psoriasis with homeopathy , the work of the internal systems and individual organs is reconfigured. This means that under the influence of biologically active substances, the body’s natural defenses are enhanced, which, in fact, allows you to restore the disturbed autoimmune balance. In order to increase the effectiveness of treatment, the intake of homeopathic medicines is often combined with the intake of organotropic agents that have a targeted specific effect on individual organs.  

What drugs are used

Homeopathic remedies can increase the patient’s immunity, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and stabilize the functions of the main body systems. They are easy to use and have a beneficial effect on the entire body of a psoriasis patient.

Treatment of psoriasis with homeopathy is highly effective in the case of the use of complex drugs, such as Psorinohel and Psoriaten ointment, which can be purchased at the pharmacy without a reset. In addition, the variety of homeopathic medicines allows you to choose the best option for treating diseases of various forms and degrees of course. 

If psoriasis plaques on the skin are inflamed, the patient is worried about redness, burning and itching, aggravated by wet weather or under the influence of cold water, homeopathy recommends treating psoriasis with Acidumformicum. If the lesions are located on the scalp, as well as in the case of small-lamellar peeling of the skin, Arsenicumalbum is prescribed.

If the manifestation of psoriasis becomes pityriasis peeling of plaques, the most effective treatment result is shown by the use of the drug Calcarea carbonica. Pronounced scaling of psoriatic plaques, accompanied by the formation of large rounded foci not only on the limbs, but also on the patient’s torso, is treated with the homeopathic preparation Hydrocolite. Arsenicum iodatum is usually prescribed to elderly patients or people weakened by one or another accompanying disease.

Often, psoriasis affects not only the skin, but also the nails on the hands and feet of the patient. In this case, homeopathy treatment involves the use of the drug Petroleum. When the course of the disease is very severe, and passes into the stage of psoriatic arthritis (inflammation of the joints of the extremities), the drug Manganum must be included in the course of treatment.

For the manufacture of homeopathic remedies, extracts of potent medicinal plants, vitamins, as well as animal products are used, therefore, psoriasis treatment is carried out under the supervision of a homeopathic physician. Self-selection of any homeopathic remedies can, at best, bring only temporary relief, after which the disease will return again.

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