Means for the treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis has traditionally been considered a difficult disease to treat. Patients can only hope for the absence of remission, while there is no single method of combating the disease and a universal drug.

Psoriasis on the feet is treated with complex therapy. It is associated with the elimination of the cause of its appearance, the localization of unpleasant symptoms, the activation of support for the protective functions of the body. 

The Vitimed catalog contains the Vitilemna tablet preparation, which contains exclusively natural ingredients – amaranth, duckweed, propolis. Taking the drug strengthens the immune system and improves the general condition. The use of tablets in combination with Vitilemna gel helps in the treatment of skin diseases using ultraviolet rays.

Vit Derma Black Seed Oil stimulates skin pigmentation and helps in the prevention of cutaneous photoaging. The composition of the product includes biologically active components that help to preserve the youth and aesthetic appeal of the skin.

Customers are offered a wide selection of creams, shampoos, balms to improve skin health, as well as preventive and therapeutic equipment (UV lamps, Dermalight device).

Skin care products

Quasix cream is recommended for red spots on the cheeks, nose and upper chest. Effective for seborrheic dermatitis and demodicosis on dry / mixed skin. The action of the remedy is based on the synergistic effect of cassia bitter extract, sorbitol, nicotinamine.

Quasix Protector Cream is recommended as an antiparasitic, antimicrobial agent. It helps to reduce inflammation, restores the normal condition of the pores on the skin of the face, relieves pain.

Other highly effective products in this category are available to buyers:

  • whitening serum Neoton;
  • fluid from age spots Neoton;
  • moisturizing gel ACGLICOLIC.

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