As you know, the human body is saturated with many bacteria, fungi and pathogens. They can be both beneficial and harmful. When people are healthy, they do not notice anything in the change with health. However, if there is an imbalance between the pathogenic flora of the body and the beneficial, then problems arise. So with its violation, you can encounter such a fungal disease as otomycosis, due to weakening of human immunity. 

If tingling in the ears begins to be felt, and they begin to itch, this indicates that active reproduction of the colonies has begun, but people usually do not take this seriously. Only when it is noticed that the itching additionally begins to be accompanied by congestion and tinnitus, when discharge of a darker color begins to appear (germination of mushrooms begins and the mycelium begins to deposit inside the skin), only then people will decide to consult a specialist.  

It should be noted that at the initial stage, this disease can be cured well and quickly, then after some time the otomycosis penetrates deeper and pain in the ear appears.

Signs or symptoms of otomycosis:

As a rule, people who have previously undergone antibiotic treatment and those whose protective functions are weakened are predisposed to this disease. The main symptoms of the disease are:

  • persistent and unbearably severe itching inside the ear;
  • hypersensitivity of the outer ear;
  • feeling of stuffiness and noise in the ear;
  • seborrheic crusts or slight curdled discharge appear;
  • headaches from an unhealthy ear are possible.

To independently determine whether a person suffers from otomycosis, it is enough to simply clean the ears. If after ear hygiene on a cotton turund there remains a dark, almost black powder-like coating or a gray curd mass, then there is a high probability that the patient suffers from otomycosis.

Causes of otomycosis

Experts often call the main reason for the occurrence of this fungal disease, however strange it may seem, excessive cleanliness – attempts to clean the ear canal almost to sterility. As a result, the microflora inside the ear loses its protective properties, and the fungus begins to multiply. Since it is favorable to him a warm, humid environment, which is devoid of natural protection (in this case, sulfur).

In addition, there are a number of other causes of otomycosis:

  • eczema;
  • dermatitis of the skin;
  • purulent otitis media;
  • antibiotic therapy leading to the development of dysbiosis contributing to the active propagation of fungi;
  • microtrauma on the skin of the ear canal;
  • long-term treatment with hormonal drugs;
  • industrial hazards: stay in damp, dusty rooms.

Can otomycosis be cured on its own?

All fungal diseases, in particular otomycosis, cannot be cured on their own, since there are so many types of fungi that can only be treated with specific drugs. Correctly establish the pathogen of the fungus after determining its type in the laboratory.

After determining the type of fungus: yeast-like or moldy, the doctor prescribes treatment with a specific drug that acts on this particular type of fungus.

  • Treatment can be both external and internal. An antifungal medicine is individually selected that acts on the type of fungus identified by laboratory research.
  • Before using antifungal external ear therapy, it is necessary to read the memo:

– first you need to clean the ear canal with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide;

– after, having moistened a cotton swab in an antifungal ointment or solution, it is inserted into the ear canal and holds there for 20 minutes;

– this procedure is repeated 1 or 3 times a day for 2-4 weeks;

– after a 10-day break, the course of treatment is repeated.

  • During treatment of fungal infections, antibiotic use is discontinued. Also a very important condition in the treatment of otomycosis is a diet. At the same time, nutrition should be full and rich in vitamins, allergen products, as well as sweets and flour, are excluded from the diet.
  • If after a month after undergoing treatment, the tests showed the absence of fungus, then the diagnosis is removed.

Otomycosis, like all fungal diseases, is infectious, so you can catch the ailment in such public places as the pool, as well as in everyday life. Therefore, it is very important to know the measures for the prevention of infection with this disease.

Preventive measures

To prevent this infectious disease by surprise:

  • observe personal hygiene, especially thorough and frequent hand washing;
  • constantly increase the body’s defenses – by strengthening the immune system;
  • for various diseases of the ear, you need to carefully conduct his toilet;
  • use only personal belongings: towel, linen (individual and bed);
  • relapses of the disease, despite treatment, are likely, therefore, to avoid relapse for prevention, you should wipe your ears with a cotton swab moistened with an antifungal agent once a day for a month after recovery.


Otomycosis is a fungal disease that begins imperceptibly just with the fact that the ears begin to itch. Turning to the doctor in a timely manner, one will not have to make great efforts to treat him. 

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