Finally came the warm days, dressing easy! It’s also time to take off the bored closed heavy shoes and open shoes. Sometimes you cannot do this because the legs look “not very”: it can be various redness, peeling or corns, sometimes accompanied by itching, burning and unpleasant odor coming from the legs. The cause may be fungal infections. What is the cause of the disease?

Reasons for the appearance of foot mycosis.
It is usually believed that if a person follows the rules of foot hygiene constantly, then the fungus does not threaten them. But this does not take into account many causes of infection. It can be a pool, public shower, sauna or bath. What can be done to avoid infection? At a minimum, use only your slippers, bathrobe, towel, etc.
The cause may be excessive sweating of the skin of the feet. A humid environment is an excellent soil for the emergence and vital activity of fungi. Therefore, it is imperative to combat foot sweating.
The reason may be, oddly enough, uncomfortable shoes. As a result of wearing such shoes, corns and corns appear, which are an excellent environment for fungi.
Even congenital or acquired deformities of the feet can trigger the development of mycosis

How to diagnose and cure a foot fungus
An attempt to independently diagnose foot diseases can lead to an error. Externally, diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and mycosis are similar. Therefore, for any deviations from the norm, it is best to consult a specialist. An accurate diagnosis will be established after analysis of the particles of the skin. Next, a drug for external use will be prescribed, respectively, to the pathogen. In the absence of effect after the use of external agents, antifungal drugs for internal use are prescribed.
There are other treatments that, unfortunately, do not guarantee complete disposal of the fungus and require a long period of treatment. These are such folk methods:
Apple cider vinegar is used to eliminate redness and itching. To make baths.
An excellent natural antiseptic to combat fungus is tea tree oil. Before applying, dilute in half with any base oil.
Cinnamon, also known to everyone, is a natural antibiotic. Used infusion.
A wonderful moisturizing and wound healing natural remedy – aloe is also useful. Apply flesh to damaged areas.
These methods are applicable only in the non-neglected stage of the disease. Delaying with treatment, you risk that the fungus will move from the outside to the internal organs, and this is fraught with serious consequences.

What to do in order not to get sick with the fungus
Recommendations for protecting your feet from fungus are simple. The following must be observed:
The first and most important condition is proper, breathable shoes. It will help prevent sweating in the legs. And dry legs are a condition for their cleanliness and health. Consider the deviations of the orthopedic structure of your foot when choosing shoes that are comfortable for you. Observing such simple rules, you will not only save your legs from corns, fungus and corns, but also free your spine from unnecessary load.
A prerequisite is also personal hygiene and the use of personal items for foot care, as well as towels, slippers and socks, only wear your own.
If you are familiar with the problem of excessive sweating in the legs, the cosmetics industry offers you a lot of tools to help get rid of this problem. Finally, you can resort to the services of beauty salons to combat sweating feet.
Remember: your legs must be healthy, your health and mood depends on this. And maintaining them in good condition is not difficult at all.

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