Psoriasis is a chronic disease that affects the skin, and in cases of complications, nails and hair. Its manifestations on the skin can be quite diverse: often these are dry red spots with lesions in the form of scaly pustules. The cyclic nature of this dermatological disease is characterized by periods of exacerbation and temporary improvement (remission).

The causes of psoriasis are still controversial, and largely depend on genetic predisposition. However, psoriasis is not an infectious disease, it has nothing to do with microorganisms, and it is impossible to catch it from another person.

Therapy of psoriasis is always complex, it is prescribed by a dermatologist. Usually, treatment includes medicines for internal and external use, as well as physiotherapy of a different nature.

It is known that phototherapy is often used as part of an integrated approach, so a natural question arises: is it possible to treat psoriasis with a solarium?


The therapeutic properties of ultraviolet radiation are based on its ability to influence the processes of immunoregulation , as well as the effect of slowing down the growth of skin cells, which has a positive effect on the weakening of psoriasis. In clinical practice, the following phototherapy techniques are used:

  • PUVA therapy – combined exposure to waves of a certain light spectrum and frequency and medications that increase skin sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation;
  • UVB-311 nm – narrow-band phototherapy that does not require the use of photosensitizers
  • laser therapy – focused light beams for individual localizations of psoriasis;
  • selective light therapy – the use of medium and long-wave radiation simultaneously for a combination effect on the surface and deep layers of the skin.

All types of phototherapy should be correctly selected by the doctor based on the results of complex diagnostics: assessment of skin phototype and photosensitivity, clarification of the state of internal organs, etc.

artificial sun

Doctors do not give an unequivocal answer to the question of whether it is possible to sunbathe and go to the solarium with psoriasis. However, a number of contraindications are precisely known:

  • severe psoriasis;
  • increased sensitivity to light;
  • increased dryness of the skin, etc.

Skin care with Losterin

The use of products from the Losterin series has a positive effect in the treatment of psoriasis and has a beneficial effect on the skin at any stage of the disease. Phototherapy dries out the skin, which can cause irritation. Shower gel and shampoo ” Losterin ” with pronounced anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and antifungal properties will help your skin regain balance, increase the regenerative functions of the skin. Natural ingredients in the composition will eliminate the need for additional moisturizers and the appearance of allergies.

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