In modern society, it is customary to hide information about one’s own health, existing diseases, health problems. Because of their own views on life, their principles, feelings of shame, many do not consider it necessary or are embarrassed to talk about chronic skin diseases, such as, for example, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, streptoderma , eczema. Outwardly, such diseases look unpleasant, not aesthetically pleasing, frightening. That is why a natural question arises in healthy people: “ Is psoriasis contagious ? Is the disease transmitted by contact? Is it possible to fearlessly communicate with a person whose skin is covered with psoriatic plaques? “

Do not be afraid, do not worry and do not shun, please, your friends if they are sick with psoriasis! This disease is hereditary or neuro-allergic, but not viral, fungal, bacterial!

Psoriasis is the cause of loneliness and depression

Unfortunately, people with this disease often remain lonely. The first reason for their loneliness is the fear of others around to get infected, or simply the dislike of communicating with infected people. The second reason is that the patients themselves try to limit themselves from communicating with others, fearing to infect them, or fearing to appear like a black sheep among healthy people.

Pushing a person with psoriasis away from you, you infringe upon him, drive him into a corner, forcing him to think about your inferiority. Subsequently, he may develop deep depression or, even worse, there will be a desire to commit suicide. You cannot leave a sick person alone, alone with the disease! Remember that relatives, friends and relatives help to solve any problem. And those who still think that psoriasis is contagious and refuse to behave “humanly” towards deeply suffering people are at least wrong and cruel. 

And it is so nice to know that many citizens who, in one way or another, are faced with the disease of psoriasis, are ready to sponsor hospitals, clinics, institutes, so that they, in turn, conduct research in search of methods of treatment and irrevocable cure for this disease.

Family life and psoriasis

The fact that psoriasis is contagious is complete nonsense and not true! This disease is not an infection! Remember once and for all – you cannot get infected by living with him under the same roof, using the patient’s objects, with intimate contact. You can live peacefully with this person, eat from one plate, drink from one cup, dry yourself in the morning with one towel, in any case, you will never have this disease.  

The causes of the disease are metabolic disorders, allergies or failures in the immune system of the sick person. That is why psoriasis patients do not pose any threat to others. In the medical literature, you can find another name for this disease – squamous lichen, but unlike lichen (meaning other types of it), psoriasis is never contagious.

If suddenly you have been diagnosed with this disease, then there is no need to blame that you have been infected by an acquaintance, relative or someone else. The reason, first of all, is heredity and those genes that you received from your ancestors. If lice parents were predisposed to this disease, then you may have it. Suppose one of the parents (mother, father) is sick, the likelihood of developing the disease will be 20-30%, if both parents are sick, therefore, the likelihood of psoriasis will be approximately 75%. By the way, even if the parents are sick, the disease in the offspring may not appear at all.

Hereditary predisposition is one of the main factors affecting the onset of the disease. Scientists dealing with this problem assume the presence of other factors, but there is still little information about this, since the problem is not fully understood.

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