Interestingly, these or those habits can provoke the appearance of various female diseases and problems, including candidiasis, cystitis, infertility, lack of orgasm, etc.

What can provoke candidiasis?

In the body of almost every woman there is a fungal infection, which until a certain time is in a dormant state. The presence of certain factors (habits) can lead to its activation and, as a consequence, to the development of a fungal disease, an example of which is candidiasis. Nutrition plays an important role in this process, namely: the use of simple carbohydrates (sweets), as well as yeast fermented products, such as beer or kvass. 

As you know, carbohydrates increase the level of glucose in the blood, and, accordingly, the production of glycogen by the vaginal epithelium, which creates favorable conditions for the occurrence of thrush. If we talk about beer, then it contains malt sugar, as well as yeast fermentation products, which can also give the green light to candidiasis. This is especially true for women who have previously had cases of this disease. If a woman has not previously suffered from thrush, the safe daily intake of sugary foods is approximately thirty to one hundred grams. If candidiasis occurs periodically – no more than thirty grams.

Of course, every woman’s body is different. And if for one the use of even a large amount of sweets does not cause such unpleasant consequences, then for the other, symptoms may appear even after a small piece of cake or a couple of sweets. There are many women who know this feature behind them. To solve the problem, there are two options: eliminate such foods from the diet completely, or reduce the portions consumed.

By the way, the habit of wearing tight jeans can provoke the development of a fungal infection, which is caused by constant friction in the perineum and the appearance of stagnation.

Moreover, young girls often begin to wear tight jeans from adolescence, when the pelvic bones have not yet formed. Meanwhile, this is also fraught with consequences. Gynecologists even have such an expression as “jeans basin”. A narrow deformed pelvis, which is completely non-physiological for a woman, is often the result of wearing very tight jeans.

When choosing, you need to give preference to loose jeans. Normally, the palm should pass freely between the belt and the body. This applies to both adult and children’s clothing.

Depilation: inflammation, infections

As practice shows, salon or home depilation, including shaving, opens the door for infection and can lead to various complications. One of the serious complications of depilation is bartholinitis .

In the vestibule of the vagina are two large paired glands called Bartholin’s glands. They are responsible for moisturizing the vaginal opening, including during intercourse. The Bartholin’s gland is connected to the vestibule of the vagina by a thin channel. If the infection gets inside, inflammation of the pathway may begin , accompanied by not very pronounced symptoms – pinpoint redness, discomfort.  

Inflammation of the Bartholin gland, caused by infection, disrupts the outflow of secretion due to blockage of the duct, and it begins to gradually increase in size. It all starts with a small pea-sized formation that can grow to seven to eight centimeters over time. An enlarged Bartholin gland is a medical condition that requires surgical treatment.

For safety reasons, a woman should use her own shaving razor and not be in the habit of taking her husband’s razor , for example. It is advisable to use disposable machines. The reusable machine must be treated with alcohol before use. It is better not to save on health and regularly change this personal hygiene item.  

To disinfect the genitals before depilation, you can mix fifty grams of water and two drops of tea tree oil. After depilation, you can treat the area with a mixture of tea tree oil – three drops and olive oil – twelve drops.

It has been scientifically proven that the use of poor quality toilet paper can cause various inflammations in women, including cystitis, urethritis, and the appearance of an ascending infection of the genitourinary system. Often, toilet paper is made from waste paper, which is treated with chlorine, mercury and many other hazardous agents at the production stage. Plus, dyes, fragrances, deodorizers, etc. are often added to its composition. The habit of using such paper can lead to dysbiosis, allergic complications (allergic urethritis, allergic cystitis). 

When choosing, it is better to give preference to toilet paper, not recycled, but primary processing, made from cellulose without adding any flavorings. Such paper is environmentally friendly and is usually labeled with the abbreviation PCF – Processed Chlorine Free .

What is the threat of the habit of wearing high heels?

Wearing high heels always means a lot of stress on the spine (and, accordingly, on the internal organs), veins, blood vessels, which can cause the appearance of congestion in the small pelvis. Often, even in young girls, during an ultrasound examination (ultrasound), doctors diagnose varicose veins of the pelvic organs, which negatively affects the nutrition of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes. In addition to hormonal disorders and the formation of various kinds of tumors, congestion can cause infertility.

Shoes with high heels, stiletto heels are not intended for daily wear. You need to walk in such shoes no more than two to three hours a day. And the longer the heel, the shorter should be the time spent in the shoes. After wearing heels for a long time, it is useful to take a contrast shower, to provide the legs with an elevated position relative to the body, and to do a massage.

However, the absence of a heel is also by no means good for health, just like a high heel. An excellent option would be shoes with three to four centimeters heels with a loose, not narrow, toe.

Sleeping bed and feminine sensitivity

An improperly selected bed, pillow, mattress can also adversely affect women’s health. The spine is the exit site for most of the nerves that innervate the skin of almost the entire body, providing sensitivity in various places. Problems with the spine can sooner or later lead to a lack of orgasm, in connection with which a woman may begin to consider herself frigid.

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