Fungal skin diseases, unfortunately, recently – this is a very common phenomenon, widespread everywhere. It is quite difficult to deal with it and you can’t do without the help of a dermatologist. The fungus is expressed in different ways: peeling, skin discoloration, severe itching, inflammatory changes. Infection occurs when using household items infected with a fungus or in contact with the person who is their carrier.

All fungal skin diseases are divided into main groups:  

1. Dermatophytosis

2. Deep mycoses

3. Candidiasis

4. Keratomycosis

Dermatophytosis – affects the nails, hair and horny layers of the epidermis, expressed in a bright inflammatory reaction. This group includes: favus, microsporia, epidermophytosis and trichophytosis.

Deep mycoses are the most dangerous, since the fungus affects not only the skin and mucous membranes, but also the internal organs and the human nervous system.

Candidiasis – fungi that affect the skin, mucous membranes of the oral cavity, internal organs.

Keratomycosis is a group of fungi that is not manifested by absolutely no sensations and inflammations of the skin, which affects exclusively the horny layers of the skin. The diseases of this group include multi-colored lichen, erythrasma. Only a doctor can give recommendations regarding the treatment of fungal diseases, since when self-medicating, you can not heal the fungus, which at any opportunity attacks your body with renewed vigor.

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