Can you imagine that our legs are a haven for almost 200 species of different mushrooms? As it turned out, mushrooms also have their favorite places on the human body. Human skin is home to many harmless mushrooms that can cause infection if they start to multiply. Favorite places for mushrooms between the toes, under the nails and on the heels. This information can well help specialists in solving problems of skin diseases, especially in people involved in sports.

In the UK, almost three out of every hundred people suffer from fungal infections of the nails, and the most common symptom of the disease is a thickening of the nail and a change in its color. When scientists examined mushroom samples taken from the ear canal, from the heel, thighs, neck, place behind the ear, from the forearm, and many other areas of the body, they found that fungal riches vary significantly in each of these areas. The highest concentrations of mushrooms are on the heel, which turned out to be home to almost 80 species of mushrooms.

This knowledge of mushrooms and how to deal with them through improved cleanliness and hygiene can help stop the spread of many dermatological diseases.

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