Eczema is an unpleasant skin lesion, most often of an allergic nature. It can manifest itself in various ways: rash, itching, redness with the formation of vesicles. As a rule, eczema is a consequence of exposure to external factors or internal diseases.

Causes of occurrence

The causes of this disease are divided into two main groups: external and internal. If the problem is caused by internal problems of the body, then you should undergo examination in the clinic, if it is caused by external factors eczema, alternative treatment will be optimal both in cost and effectiveness.  

External causes are mainly associated with allergens. This can be low-quality clothing dye, chemicals such as detergents, precious metals used in jewelry or components of makeup. Another external factor contributing to skin irritation is the use of rubber products – gloves, shoes, rubberized leather products.

Also, with the appearance of eczema, it is necessary to exclude contacts with classical allergens: animal hair, dust, pollen of plants. An extremely rare, but still existing, form of the disease is a reaction to sunlight.

Internal causes include fungal infections, microbial infection with inflammation of the tonsils or caries, microbial infection through an open wound, infection with helminths. But internal causes are not always associated with infection, the appearance of eczema can be associated with impaired endocrine system, diseases of the digestive system, with impaired production of hormones in the adrenal glands.

Alternative methods of treatment

Since this ailment was first encountered before our era, there are many ways to unscientific treatment. Depending on the factors that caused the disease, there are different eczema, alternative treatment of which provides its own methods. Moreover, it is traditional, folk methods of treatment that are most effective. They allow you to remove pus from the vesicles, helping to heal the skin, and in the dry form of irritation, soften the skin.  

An excellent remedy is a decoction of chamomile, sage and calendula, which three times a day must be applied to the affected area as a compress. For a decoction, 20 grams of dried chamomile and calendula and 10 grams of sage will be required. The proposed herbs should be poured with boiling water and let it brew for 30 minutes.

The dry form of eczema is best treated with sea buckthorn oil, it can be applied in case of damage to any area of ​​the skin. And for wet, optimal adoption of warm baths with a decoction of pine cones and needles, with the addition of yarrow. Concentration should be at the rate of 40 grams of dry mix per liter of water. Water temperature is not higher than 36 degrees.

Excellent effect on the skin of the bath with starch, for this a kilogram of starch is dissolved in cold water and poured into a warm bath. Take a starch bath is no more than 15 minutes every day.

But the universal treatment for eczema is afraid of potato. The pulped pulp must be applied to the wounds every day, and at night make compresses from it. To improve the effect, you can also add a little honey.  

General recommendations

If eczema occurs, certain preventive measures must be observed so as not to provoke further development of the disease. You must follow a diet that excludes all harmful to the gastrointestinal tract and allergenic foods: spicy dishes, eggs, citrus fruits, smoked dishes, pickles, alcohol and chocolate.

It should also limit the patient’s exposure to the sun, the affected areas should be reliably protected from sunlight. Tanning will be useful only at the stage of recovery, as an element of strengthening immunity. During the course of the disease, it is recommended that you sleep as much as possible.

It is necessary to abandon household chemicals, cosmetics and contact with animals for a while, dedust the premises, and wear only natural materials during this period.

Of course, immunity plays an important role in the appearance of eczema. A weak immune system cannot properly protect the body from aggressive external factors, nor can it regulate malfunctions in the body’s internal processes. Therefore, the main prevention of eczema is the regular strengthening of immunity.

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