A fungal viral disease that affects the mucous membrane of the mouth or genitals is called thrush or candidiasis. Usually the symptom and sign of the disease is a visible white cheesy coating on the surface of the mucous membrane. This disease is a viral infection.

The causative agents of the disease – Candida fungi – themselves are not dangerous to health. Their appearance indicates a weakening of immunity and a violation of hormonal levels. Fungi are a harbinger of serious diseases such as diabetes or gastritis and duodenitis. Most often, this disease occurs in women. In newborn babies, candidiasis is often transmitted from the mother through breastfeeding. They suffer from the oral form of the disease. In men, thrush is much less common.

Thrush can appear after treating viral diseases with antibiotics and after using birth control pills. Candidiasis can develop from wearing uncomfortable synthetic underwear or from improper diet. Sweet and spicy foods, dietary supplements contribute to the appearance of fungus. Candidiasis indicates the presence of an acute viral infection in the body.

Often, thrush in men and women causes unpleasant discomfort, pain during intimacy, itching, and irritation. It is also transmitted in everyday life.

At the first symptoms of the disease, you should immediately consult a doctor in order to conduct the necessary studies of the secretions in the laboratory and prescribe the correct treatment.

You can get rid of thrush today quickly and easily. There are special pharmaceutical preparations for this. Their choice is huge. At the same time, one should not forget about the side effects of such treatment. All antifungal medications are not safe. There are vaginal and oral gels. Even gentle drugs have side effects. Their use kills thrush and at the same time violates the microflora. The body loses its defenses. After treatment with medications, serious digestive problems often appear, and dysbiosis develops. Sparing home treatments that do not have severe side effects will help get rid of these problems.

Alternative home treatment

In the treatment of thrush in young children, ordinary soda helps well. This is the easiest and most affordable way. It is recommended to treat the affected areas of the oral mucosa with this solution several times a day. For this, a tablespoon of soda is diluted in a glass of water. At the same time, to strengthen the immune system, you need to take orally a tablespoon of chamomile or mint decoction. It is good to use thyme and calendula for these purposes. A teaspoon of raw materials is poured with a glass of boiling water, after which it is imperative to insist in the heat for several hours. Take a tablespoon of broth before meals. Alcohol tinctures and alcohol, even in small dosages, are contraindicated in the treatment of this disease. They can harm a small child.

To eliminate the vaginal form of candidiasis in women, douching is done with soda solution and herbal decoctions twice a day. The course of such treatment is 10 days. In this case, you should not use soap, gels and other products that contain alcohol and alkali.

A very good effect and a positive result is given by an ointment made of honey and water in equal proportions. Apply it to the affected areas three times a day.

In men, thrush can lead to impotence. The most effective for them are special medications.

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