Eczema, like any disease, brings a lot of trouble. She has very unpleasant symptoms. The development of the disease can trigger various factors. There are people who inherited the disease from their older relatives. In most cases, eczema is chronic in nature with seasonal exacerbations and periods of calm. Only a few people claim a complete cure for the disease. But even these people should adhere to a special diet and some rules by the end of their lives.

Eczema is a skin disease that occurs on neuro-allergic soil and is accompanied by itching and burning of the affected areas. Most often, eczema affects the limbs, then moves on. Eczema-affected areas of the skin initially look like bubbles of boiling water. Then the bubbles burst, and fluid begins to ooze out of them. The patient does not leave a burning sensation and itching.

Eczema is treated with medication, various physiotherapeutic methods, folk remedies, alternative methods. The latter include the drug ASD. Many patients claim that eczema is afraid of ASD fractions and disappears much faster when taken than with conventional means. However, forums are full of conflicting opinions regarding the usefulness and ability of this drug to cure eczema.   

A bit from the history of the opening of the ASD

It is difficult to attribute drugs of the ASD fraction to medicines or folk remedies. The fact is that a whole group of scientists with a talented discoverer-experimenter A.V. worked on the creation of the drug in the fifties. Dear headed. The Soviet government demanded that scientists create a miracle drug that could cure many chronic diseases. Several teams of scientists took part in the work, but only the Dorogov group was able to create the right medicine.

Frogs were used as raw materials for the manufacture of ASD. They were processed at high temperatures in condensate. The liquid collected in this process had a number of qualities that a universal drug should have for the treatment of various diseases. This drug was named after its discoverer – Dorogov’s antiseptic stimulant, or ASD for short.

After several experiments with frogs, scientists began to use meat and bone meal instead. This did not affect all the qualities of the drug. The first fraction of the drug was very liquid, it contained a lot of water. Therefore, it did not bring much benefit. Another thing is the preparations of the second and third fractions, which can be dissolved in oil, water or alcohol. ASD 2 and ASD 3 have unique qualities, which allows them to be used to treat almost any disease.

Treatment of Eczema ASD

More than six decades have passed since scientists invented the drug, but so far, ASD is not an official medicine. ASD is officially used in veterinary medicine and dermatology. But many human skin diseases such as eczema, ASD can really help. At the initial stage of development, the antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties of the drug became apparent. Therefore, the tool copes with various kinds of rashes on the skin, various kinds of dermatitis, and in animals it helps to remove skin parasites.  

For the treatment of eczema, drugs of the second and third fraction are used. You need to be careful here. Inside, only ASD 2, the drug of the second fraction, is taken. The drug is taken in courses of five days. Every day, on an empty stomach, you need to take 1-2 drops of the drug, diluted in a half glass of water. After five days of admission, you need to take a break for two or three days. After this, the course must be repeated. And so on until complete recovery.

Together with ASD 2, you need to use ASD 3 – the drug of the third fraction. After all, diseases such as eczema, ASD fractions can be cured in a complex. It is necessary to treat the internal causes of the disease and at the same time have an effect on its external manifestation. ASD 3 is used only for external use. The drug must be diluted with water in a ratio of ASD 3 to water 1:20. Lotions should be made from the solution until the symptoms of the disease disappear.  

The difficulty in treating eczema lies in its tenacity. Appearing once, she will often return, hitting all new sites. Eczema is a chronic disease that cannot be completely cured. Thanks to the long-acquired, but still not received official status, drugs of ASD of the second and third fractions, the treatment of eczema has become easier.

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