In addition to traditional therapies, which have been used successfully for a long time and everywhere to treat chronic skin diseases, there are new, alternative methods of treating psoriasis , eczema, scleroderma, and other dermatitis. Yes, innovative therapies, like all other methods, unfortunately, are not able to completely cure the disease, but to bring noticeable relief to patients with psoriasis, to reduce unpleasant both aesthetically and physically, the symptoms of the disease such modern treatment options can, and quite effectively … 

Such alternative methods of treatment include ichthyotherapy or hirudotherapy, in which living organisms are the main “drug”. Today we will talk about ichthyotherapy – the treatment of psoriasis with garra rufa fish .

Fundamentals of therapy

Few treatments for psoriasis are as enjoyable as ichthyotherapy treatments . Firstly, this is a completely natural method of treatment, secondly, it has absolutely no side effects, and thirdly, ichthyotherapy procedures are methods of treating psoriasis , thanks to which it is possible not only to improve the patient’s skin condition, but also to strengthen his health in the whole. 

What is the essence of the technique? Small fish of the genus garra rufa feed on dead skin particles, in this case, human skin. That is, they literally eat up the stratum corneum formed on psoriatic plaques, exfoliate them from the surface of the epidermis of a patient with psoriasis, simultaneously performing a delicate massage of the skin and cleansing it of all kinds of impurities. In addition, Garra rufa has a unique ability to thoroughly cleanse skin tissues affected by hyperkeratosis, which helps to successfully fight skin diseases such as severe psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, ichthyosis, atopic dermatitis, etc.

How is the ichthyotherapy procedure carried out ? The patient is partially or completely immersed in a bath filled with water enriched with useful components. At the same time, the affected areas of the skin soften and the fish begin to bite them, tearing off the smallest pieces of the dead layer affected by psoriasis. Moreover, light touches of garra rufa produce the effect of a kind of massage that improves blood circulation in the tissues of the epidermis.

At first, the bites of the fish can be a little painful, there is a desire to scratch the sore skin. But then all the unpleasant sensations disappear and the patient enjoys a useful procedure and relaxed rest.

The benefits of ichthyotherapy

The effect of ichthyotherapy is multifactorial, namely:

– psoriatic plaques are freed from the scaly layer of the skin and respond better to external treatments;

– healthy skin is cleared of dirt and harmful bacteria;

– increased blood circulation;

– regeneration of epidermal cells is accelerated;

– itching decreases;

– nervous tension goes away, stress is relieved;

– blood pressure stabilizes;

– the skin is rejuvenated;

– relieves fatigue and swelling of the legs;

– prophylaxis against fungal diseases is carried out.

In addition, the saliva of the fish contains special enzymes that can have an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect on the damaged cells of a patient with psoriasis.

To consolidate and improve the results of the procedures, patients are prescribed the use of special medicinal creams, thalassotherapy sessions, heliotherapy and short-term exposure of the affected skin to intense ultraviolet radiation.

Patients who have tried other methods of treating psoriasis on themselves note that thanks to ichthyotherapy procedures , remission of the disease occurs much faster and lasts much longer. Moreover, such treatment brings incredible pleasure!  

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